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Tall Grass and Weed Complaint Pilot Project

Tall Grass and Weed

Title 29 of Portland City Code requires the owner of any property to cut and remove and keep cut and removed all weeds and grass that are located in lawn areas and have a prevailing height of more than 10 inches. Due to reduced resources, the Bureau has had to temporarily suspend enforcement of several complaint types, including tall grass and weed complaints.


In order to provide the highest level of service, while maximizing limited resources, BDS has created a pilot project that allows citizens to submit complainant photos of tall grass and weed violations at properties. If submitted citizen photographs confirm a tall grass and weed violation at a property, BDS will proceed with enforcement action. While BDS enforcement resources remain limited at this time, we are very excited to create this opportunity to allow citizens to partner with us to address tall grass and weed violations in our community.


To participate in the pilot project and report a property with grass and weeds in excess of 10 inches in height, please click below to submit a complaint. Please refer to the Complainant Photograph Guideline to ensure that your photographs contain the necessary information to setup up a case, mail a violation letter requesting corrective action, and take enforcement action if the violation is not corrected within 30 days.


 Submit a Tall Grass and Weed Pilot Project Complaint


Additional Information: Due to limited resources, complaints may only be submitted online. This pilot project only addresses tall grass and weeds in excess of 10 inches in height. Other nuisance conditions such as blackberry overgrowth and trash & debris are not addressed under this pilot project. If you have additional nuisance conditions to report or if you do not wish to participate in the tall grass and weed nuisance complaint pilot project, please visit the other nuisance online reporting site at Due to reduced resources, complaints are being prioritized and not all complaints are able to be investigated at this time.


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