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Construction Documents

 Table of contents
Construction Forms
Mix Designs
Pre-Approved Materials Lists
Erosion & Sediment Control
Pollution Control
Standards for Precast Concrete Products
Construction Safety Provisions
 Construction Forms                                                                                           Effective Date
PBOT Certified Project Tracking Worksheet  12-04-14
 BOLI Fee Submittal Form WH-39  01-01-14
 BOLI Fee Adjustment Form WH-40  05-06-14
 Bid Evaluation Report  05/12/14
 Notice To Proceed  05-06-14
 Transmittal  01-11-15
 Construction Survey Request (Doc)  05-06-14
 Construction Survey Request Sample (PDF)  05-06-14
 Request For Information (RFI)  12-01-14
 Request For Proposal (RFP)  02-11-14
 Field Order (FO)  02-11-14
 Field Inspection Report (FIR)  05-17-13
 General Daily Progress Report  06-14-11
 Installation Sheet  11-14-14
 Change Order Cover Sheet  05-15-14
 Contract Change Order (CCO)  04-14-14
 Contract Change Order (CCO) - W/ODOT Signature  01-10-15
 Construction Change Directive (CCD)  01-10-15
 Request for Increase in Contract Authorization  01-10-15
 Notice of Substantial Completion  01-10-15
 Acknowlegment Receipt & Certification  05-25-11
 Maintenance & Warranty Bond  12-05-14
 COC - Certificate of Completion for Capital Projects  12-05-14
 COC - Certificate of Completion for BOM Projects  01-10-15
 Notice of Final Completion and Acceptance  12-03-14

Mix Designs                                                                                                       

Effective Date

Approved Asphalt Mix Designs  03-16-15
Approved Concrete Mix Designs  03-16-15

Pre-Approved Materials Lists                                                                           

Effective Date

Construction Products List (PDF) 01-01-15
CPL Product Review Form (Doc) 05-01-14
Stormwater Facility Topsoil Vendor and Hauler List 04-01-09
 Electrical Equipment and Materials List 03-03-15
 Controller Equipment List 06-17-14

Erosion & Sediment Control                                                                             

Effective Date

Erosion & Sediment Control Manual 03-01-08
Erosion Sign PBOT 01-26-09
Erosion Sign Specs BES 03-03-10
Erosion Sign Artwork BES 03-03-10
Erosion Control Report - PDOT 04-01-09

Pollution Control                                                                                                

Effective Date

Pollution Control Plan (ODOT) (Doc) 04-01-05
Pollution Control Plan - Contractor Packet (ODOT) (PDF) 03-01-96

Standards for Precast Concrete Products                                                     

Effective Date

BES Manufacturing Standards for Precast Concrete Products 3-01-09

Construction Safety Provisions                                                                       

Effective Date

General Construction Safety Provisions 01-31-11
Site Specific Safety & Health template (non-OCIP Projects) 02-25-10
Site Specific Safety & Health template (OCIP Projects) 02-25-10