• General Information

    The two types of fees that the Bureau of Development Services charges for development are land use and building permit related fees. If your project only requires a building permit, fees will be calculated based on the valuation of the project. If a land use review or other planning service is required for the project, additional fees will be charged for that review.

    Land Use Related Fees

    Land use related fees

    » Fees are charged for each type of Land Use Review.

    » View more information on land use review timelines.

    » View more information on land use review fees.

    Fees will also be charged for other planning services such as Property Line Adjustments, Lot Confirmations, and Zoning Confirmation Letters.

    Please call (503) 823-7526 with any questions regarding land use related fees.


    Permit Related Fees

    Permit related

    The cost of permit(s) for the project depends on the complexity of the work you propose. Plan check fees are collected at the time your plans are accepted for review. Final fees, which may include related permit fees are determined when a permit is issued.

    Building Permit Fees

    System Development Charges are charged by the Bureaus of Environmental Services, Parks and Recreation, Water, and the Department of Transportation to help offset the impact your project will have on the City's infrastructure.

    View permit fee tables. Please note that the total permit fee is a sum of the different types of fees noted in the table. Fees for a project will depend on the scope of work. "Not" all fees in the table will apply to every project.

    Certain project types can use the BDS Online Fee Estimator to calculate their permit costs. You can also obtain information on permit related fees by visiting the Development Service Center or calling (503) 823-7310.