• Special Inspector Certification

    As proof of qualification for special inspectors, the City of Portland requires that they be registered with the Oregon Building Officials Association (OBOA). Please visit the OBOA website for the information.

    Contact Information

    Special Inspections

    Residential - Joe Disciascio


    Commercial - Jay Ponce


    Facilities - Fred Deis


    Mailing Address:

    Special Inspection, BDS
    1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 5000
    Portland, OR 97201

    Submit Final Summary Reports to: SpecialInspectionsFinals@portlandoregon.gov

    Approved Testing Agencies

    Testing agencies chosen by the project owner to conduct special inspections in the City of Portland must be currently registered with the Oregon Building Officials Association (OBOA). The Special Inspection Agencies Roster can be found on the the OBOA website.

    Administrative Rules

    Chapter 24.20 of the City of Portland building regulations authorizes the BDS Director to adopt and enforce written rules concerning the conduct and administration of special inspections. The Bureau of Development Services administers these rules, which are set forth in the Special Inspection Program Administrative Rules.


    The Administrative Rules set forth the responsibilities of special inspectors, structural observers, testing agencies and approved fabricators. The Administrative Rules also set forth the qualifications necessary for special inspectors, testing agencies and fabricators to attain and maintain certification.

    The Administrative Rules were developed cooperatively by BDS with representatives of the structural and architectural associations of Oregon, special inspection agencies and contractor associations.
    Special Inspections Administrative Rules