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Adjustment Committee

Adjustment CommitteeThe Adjustment Committee, authorized under Portland City Code 33.710.070, reviews adjustment requests to the development standards of Title 33 [Planning and Zoning Regulations]. The Adjustment Committee consists of seven members, none of whom may hold public elective office.

The committee must include three persons representing the public at large, two members in either urban design, architecture, or landscape architecture, and two members experienced in either engineering, financing construction, management of buildings, or land development. The members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The terms shall be a maximum of four years with a maximum of two full terms.

The Adjustment Committee meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am.

There is currently one vacant position that must be filled by an individual representing the “Public-at-Large” category.

Current members of the Adjustment Committee:
Name Membership Category Term Expires

Roger Alfred, Chair

Public at Large

6/30/17 [2nd full term]

Suzanne Zuniga, Co-Chair


06/30/18 [1st full term] 

Anyeley Hallova

 Urban Design/Architecture

06/30/18 [2nd full-term]

Claire Carder

Public at Large

03/04/18 [1st full term]

Elliott Veazey


03/04/18 [1st full term]

Charles Benson

Land Development

10/21/18 [1st full term]

 Linda Bauer

 Public at Large

03/03/19 [1st full term] 

Staff to the Adjustment Committee: Douglas Hardy (503) 823-7816