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BDS Engineers invest in youth education through NET

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StudentsOn February 25th and 26th, Lisa Buellesbach, a BDS employee, participated in National Engineering And Technician (NET) month activities at the Beaverton School Districts Health and Science Option School. Lisa and studentsThe purpose of the NET month activities is for engineers to share their fields and jobs with students. At each of three sessions, the students were shown a video that described how engineering is involved in almost every aspect of everyone's life. Following the video, each of the volunteer engineers described their field, the type of work he/she did, the education requirements to enter the field and what got him/her interested in the field in the first place. The students asked lots of questions of each of the engineers. At the end of each session, the students divided into groups and were given an engineering problem to solve.

The engineers all had fun working with the students and the students gained insights into a wide range of tasks that engineers perform.

For more information contact Engineer Lisa Buellesbach (503) 823-3862 or email

Land Use Reviews - Expiration dates may be extended

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Due to the difficult economic situation faced by developers and homeowners, the Portland bureaus of development services and planning and sustainability are currently working to create a proposal that would extend expiration dates of land-use reviews.

Currently, an approved land-use review expires if a building permit is not issued within three years, and approved preliminary plans for land divisions expire if a final plat application has not been submitted within three years. The new draft plan, including proposed code amendments, will next week become available online at The Portland Planning Commission will consider the amendments at a hearing on March 24 at 7 p.m.

For more information, contact Douglas Hardy at 503-823-7816 or