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From Concept to Construction

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Applying For My Permit

A separate permit application is required for each sign or awning.

The requirements for alteration to an existing sign are the same as for a new sign, however if the expansion of the new sign is 10% or less than the size/area of the existing sign, then no structural review will be required.
Submit the following for a permanent sign or awning:
  • Sign/awning permit application including an elevation drawing for the sign and a listing of existing exterior signs
  • Two (2) copies of calculations showing allowed, existing and proposed sign area
  • Two (2) copies of the site plan
  • Structural plan review is required for:
    • Fascia signs with a weight exceeding 400 pounds and awnings
    • Projecting and pitched roof signs
    • Freestanding signs in excess of six feet in height
For structural review, three (3) sets of detailed structural design drawings and one (1) set of calculations must be provided.
For more information on elevation, site plan and structural design drawings, refer to pages 6-8 of the sign permits and awnings program guide.
Submit the following for a temporary banner registration:
Submit the following for a temporary fascia, freestanding or balloon sign registration:
Submit the permit application to the Development Services Center in person or by mail.