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Development Services

From Concept to Construction

Phone: 503-823-7300

TTY : 503-823-6868

1900 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

How do I request an inspection?

The last phase of permitting your project is obtaining all necessary inspections to receive final approval on the work. This is done by contacting the Bureau of Development Services once you are ready for the required inspection in each phase of your project. The information below provides details on how to use the City’s automated inspection request system (IVR). Please remember all permits need the “999 Final Permit” inspection requested and approved or the permit will remain “under inspection” in the City’s computer system instead of indicating the work received “Final” approval. This can only be requested after all other inspections for your work have been completed and approved.

What if the IVR doesn't accept your three-digit code?

If your three digit code isn't accepted, there are a couple things to check.

  • First, only applicable inspections can be requested on a permit. For example, if you have an electrical permit, you will not be able to request building inspections using that permit number. You would need the building permit IVR request number to request the needed building inspections.
  • Second, although the # key is used to accept information you enter into the IVR system, you do not need to press the # key after entering your three-digit inspection code. Just enter the three-digit code and IVR will continue with the scheduling process.
  • If your three-digit inspection code continues to not be accepted, select "0" during business hours or call:
    1. 1&2 Family Residential Inspections (503) 823-7388
    2. Commercial Structural/Mechanical (503) 823-7303
    3. Commercial Electrical (503) 823-7304
    4. Commercial Plumbing (503) 823-7302