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Erosion Prevention Erosion Control Best Management Practice

Erosion control best management practices are required during all ground disturbing activity until permanent site ground covers are in place. A best management practice (BMP) is a physical, chemical, structural or managerial practice that prevents, reduces or treats contamination of water or which prevents or reduces soil erosion.

Erosion prevention BMPs can be the simplest and most effective measures you can take to retain sediments on your site. The following BMPs protect and expose soil surfaces from rain generated splash erosion and can help slow flows across a site of ground disturbance. All sites should incorporate at least one type of erosion prevention measure when exposed to a ground disturbing activity.

Erosion prevention BMPs are:
Surface Roughening
  • Reduce runoff velocity and allow for infiltration
  • Sediment trapping
  • Support the establishment of vegetative cover
Temporary Grasses and Permanent Vegetative Cover

  • Minimize erosion and sedimentation by stabilizing exposed soils with vegetation and mulching
Mulch is a name given to a group of organic and inorganic materials that are spread on the soil surface to prevent movement of soil by wind and rain.
  • Minimizes erosion by providing a protective cover over disturbed, bare or reseeded soils
  • Minimal thickness protects soils form splash erosion while thicker layers are effective for additional sediment control
Erosion Blankets
Erosion control blankets are mats comprised of organic fibers or inorganic materials held by synthetic or biodegradable netting.

  • Prevent erosion from exposed soils in channels on slopes, or as a wet weather measure
  • Typically used when a vegetative cover cannot be achieved due to soils, time of year or where slopes are too steep for mulch
Surface Roughening

  • Protect soils form contact with stormwater
  • Typically used when a vegetative cover cannot be achieved due to soils, time of year or where slopes are too steep for mulch
Dust Control

  • Minimize wind erosion of bare soils

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