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Don't Californicate Oregon


Without any notice what-so-ever, my neighbor behind me sold their yard for a house to be built on. Now who the hell is in charge here?

Why didn't the neighbors have a chance to vote. How can you sell your 2000 sq ft space of a yard to build a house on? This is what LA has done. I thought there were laws in place to protect this overcrowding. Now the trucks are demolishing the Trees that are on my property line which also serves (used to serve before it was raped) as a "safe zone" for birds and keeps The yard cool in summer.

This building will be built right on my property line. It has lowewred the value of my home considerably all in one morning when the huge contractor equipment dug out all the greenery.

Anyone out there? Have you no respect for the land? You should see before and after pictures of this demolition of the green space. It was lush last night when I went to bed and this morning it looks like a bomb hit it..hazel nut tree was ripped out along with other greenery.

not to mention I have to endure a summer of the trucks screeching loudly and the hammering of the build..just a few feet away from my house. my house sits close to the back property line. This has wrecked the livibility and I can't see me selling this house for the price it was worth yesterday before they started the build in my neighbors small backyard!  Such a tiny backyard that butts up to my yard...Help...stop this stuff...don't californicate Oregon!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a good thing here...Stop wrecking it...Stop allowing building permits for houses to be constructed in peoples backyard! Money the motivator behind this action is not worth it in the end...we need our trees!!! We need warming..

Stop this sheet.
Do you want to be just like LA???
I don't!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Mad as Hell (July 11, 2007)




August 6, 2007 at 12:56 PM

Someone has to say it - this is a serious case of Not in My Back Yard. Having lived next door to major construction projects, I sympathize, but Portland is growing, and people need to live somewhere. The harping on property values sounds like sour grapes to me - I suspect Mr. (or Ms.) Hell wishes that they'd cashed in and subdivided their own lot, first. And the idea that this somehow makes Portland like LA is laughable - they have no density whatsoever there. That's why they have to drive two hours to get to a grocery store. Does all this mean I want my neighbors to follow suit? No, but at least I have some sense of perspective if they do.



August 23, 2007 at 11:37 PM

two words. "PRIVATE PROPERTY". This is not Red China. Private landowners are still entitled to use their property in accordance with local development standards, and nobody really cares whether it suits you or not.



August 24, 2007 at 3:47 PM

Pass measure 49 - Don't Californicate Oregon

(so people won't be driving an hour for groceries)


Barbara Schuele

September 21, 2007 at 4:21 PM

Mad as Hell sounds like the OPB ad that says "Can't Oregon stay like it was when I moved here?" Daniel Boone complained that the west was getting too crowded.
Every generation complains about change.
Hope Mad as Hell doesn't have any children that might want to live nearby when they grow up! Some other MaH neighbor will be unwelcoming to them too!



November 20, 2007 at 7:06 AM

I agree with MaH. Same thing just happened to me within the last 3 weeks. Down went the tall fir tree, which served as a wonderful bird sanctuary, as well as the garage in my neighbor's small backyard. Up went a large two story square box which overlooks my once very private back yard. This giganto house that was crammed onto the backyard of a standard 50x100 lot, will mostly likely be the kind of home a family would buy, but ironically, they will have no backyard for their children. Instead, the kids will have to play in the street. I live in an old well established neighborhood in North Portland. I had always chosen to live in the city because the neighborhoods are well established. Now, that has changed. Everyone is cashing in on their real estate -- and for what? A few extra bucks to buy more crap made in China? No one is thinking of the future, only the here and now. I for one will pass on my extra large lot and 100 year old home to my grandchildren where their children might be able to enjoy a little bit of heaven in the city and still hear the birds chirp a hundred years from now.

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