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Fuel Station Exceeds Biofuels Requirements

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Contact: Gavin Carpenter

Tel: 503-978-3210



“Jays Garage now offering E85 and B99 Biodiesel for gas and diesel vehicles”
Portland, OR – Jays Garage has upped the ante in cleaner, greener Biofuels.  The first station in Portland to offer the most pure from of Biodiesel, B99, Jay’s is now offering domestically made E-85 Ethanol.

“All cars – gas and diesel – can now run a blend of Biofuels,” says owner Jay Dykeman. 

Ethanol is a blend replacement for gasoline.  It is primarily made from corn and Jays will purchase E85 from Pacific Ethanol.  Pacific Ethanol is opening an ethanol plant in Boardman, Oregon in the coming months.  E85 has a higher octane rating than regular gas and is primarily used in engines modified to accept higher concentrations of ethanol.  These are also known as Flex Fuel vehicles. Such engines are designed to run any mixture of gasoline or ethanol up to 85% by volume.

Only Flex Fuel vehicles can run E-85; however any gas car can run E10 which is a 10% ethanol blend.

“Jays was the first to offer B99 Biodiesel in the heart of Portland so taking this next step is a perfect fit,” says SeQuential Biofuels Gavin Carpenter.

The Biodiesel will continue to be purchased thru Star Oilco and SeQuential Biofuels.  SeQuential is a joint venture partner with Pacific Biodiesel in the only Biodiesel processing plant in Oregon.

“Now whichever product you use – B99 or E85 – it’s supporting the Oregon economy with SeQuential in Salem and Pacific Ethanol’s plant in Boardman,” says Jay Dykeman.

About SeQuential Biofuels

SeQuential Biofuels is a Biofuels marketing, distribution and retail company with offices in Portland and Eugene, Oregon.  The Company supplies biodiesel to more than 30 regional fuel distributors and retailers in Oregon and Washington.  SeQuential’s all-Biofuels retail station in Eugene is the first of its kind in the region. SeQuential is a joint-venture partner with Pacific Biodiesel of Maui, Hawaii in SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel—Oregon’s first and only commercial biodiesel production facility producing one million gallons of biodiesel per year in Salem.

1 Comment


Cindy Villas

March 19, 2008 at 1:20 PM

When and where are there going to be more E-85 stations. I live and work by PDX and Vancouver. Could really use E-85 in these areas,

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