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Changes to the Oregon Residential Specialty Code Become Effective July 1, 2008


Oregon Residential Specialty Code Changes - Effective July 1, 2008Highlights of the most significant ORSC code changes:

  • R109.1.4.1 Moisture Content... Written certification of moisture content less than 19% of the weight of dry  wood must be provided by the contractor after framing and prior to approval of insulation.
  • Table R301.5 Live Loads... Attics with space that allow storage including trusses and any attic with a fixed stairway must be designed for storage loads.
  • R310.1 Emergency Escape... Now requires all basements to have emergency escape and rescue opening.  Exception when used only to house mechanical equipment and less than 200 sq. ft.)
  • R310.2 Emergency Escape Openings... Minimum opening height has been increased to 24 inches net  clear opening.
  • R311.4.3 Landings at Doors... Landings are required on Each side of Each exterior door.  Some exceptions on other than the required exit door.  Landing slope not to exceed .25 unit vertical to 12 units horizontal at exterior landings
  • R317.1 Duplex separation... New exception will allow draft stops in lieu of rated walls in attics separating units if certain conditions are met
  • R317.2 Townhouses... Plumbing and HVAC is no longer allowed in any modified two-hour wall separating units.  Rowhouse definition has been deleted.  Now there is only Townhouses
  • R403.1.8.1 & R602.11.1 Foundation Anchorage... Now requires minimum 3 inch X 3 inch X 1/4 inch plate washers on full length of braced wall lines for all buildings.  No longer excludes single family dwellings.
  • R502.2.1 & R602.10.8.3 Connections... Now requires positive connection of floors to walls above and below, and, walls to roof sheathing above.
  • R602.3 Continuous studs... New requirement for wall studs to be continuous from bottom plate to the floor or ceiling/roof above.
  • R602.10.6.2 New Alternate Braced Panel... Prescriptive method for a new narrow alternate braced panel that can be used adjacent to a door or window.
  • R806.4 Unvented Attics... New allowance for Unvented Attics provided a complex list of
    requirements are met.
  • Chapter 11 Energy Conservation... A major rewrite for energy conservation requirements.
  • Table N1101.1(1) Eliminates multiple paths for insulating...  R-Values are increased for Floors (R30) and Vaulted Ceilings (R38).  Window U values changed to minimum U-35.  High efficiency lighting is now required. In addition to the prescriptive envelope requirements additional measures must be selected. From Table N1101.1(2)... A menu of required additional measures for energy
    conservation is provided.
  • N1104.7.1 Slab-on-grade with hydronic heat... Now requires R-10 insulation under the entire
    underside of the slab in addition to required perimeter insulation
  • N1105 Heat pumps and Air conditioners... Systems of less than 65,000 Btu/h capacity shall have a performance factor (HSPF) of not less than 7.7 and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of not less than 13.0
  • N1107.2 High Efficiency lighting... New requirement for written certification be provided to the  building official that a minimum of fifty percent of the permanently installed lighting fixtures are
    compact or linear fluorescent, or a minimum efficacy of 40 lumens per input watt.
  • M 1503.1 Range Hoods... All range hoods shall discharge to the outside through a single-wall duct that is air-tight, equipped with a back-draft damper and has a smooth interior surface.
  • M1507.4 Exhaust Ducts... All exhaust ducts will need to be sized considering length, material, number of bends and cfm capacity.

View Changes to the Oregon Residential Specialty Code (PDF version)


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