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BDS inspectors follow up on Portland West Hill landslide


Inspectors follow up on Portland West Hills landslide


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Portland Resident

October 15, 2008 at 11:58 PM

Is this how the City of Portland treats people in distress? With hardball bureaucratic tactics?

"...residents were flummoxed to receive a tersely worded letter last Friday from the city's Bureau of Development Services. In short, it says homeowners have until this Friday to stabilize the hillside, install temporary erosion and sediment control measures, and obtain demolition or repair permits. The penalty for noncompliance: $1,000 a day, plus fees.

"It's like the city is saying, 'Why aren't you doing anything, why aren't you doing anything?' And we're looking at the sky, hoping it doesn't rain, because if it rains, there's a good chance that more homes will be destroyed," Korsgaard said during the neighborhood meeting."


Ross Caron

October 16, 2008 at 12:50 PM

The Bureau of Development Services understands how traumatic this sudden event has been and the difficulties faced in dealing with this type of large scale event. In these types of situations, BDS works with property owners and their representatives to outline the steps required to mitigate dangerous structures and conditions remaining at the site.

The Bureau of Development Services has notified property owners of their responsibilities related to removing the dangerous conditions that exist at their properties as part of our regulatory responsibility. The timelines that we have asked the property owners to meet are necessary to limit further property damage, and to protect the safety and health of the occupants and the public. BDS has not assessed any penalties associated with this situation and does not feel it would be prudent to do so in this situation.

The Bureau of Development Services remains committed to doing as much as we can to assist victims in the recovery efforts. I am the contact for our Bureau concerning this situation and would be more than willing to speak with you in more detail.


Ross Caron, Manager
Bureau of Development Services
(503) 823-4268

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