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Glossary of Terms

ITAP acronyms and other vocabulary defined

21 Tech Team Sierra partner company specializing in interfaces
A/P Application/Permit
This would represent a folder in TRACS
Active Directory Computer Login
API Application Programming Interface
Programming tools to allow information to flow to and from a software program, using traditional interface technology
Avolve Publisher of ProjectDox (electronic plan review) software
BA Business Analyst
Biz Talk Microsoft’s Enterprise System Bus product
BRD Business Requirement Document
Written document describing final agreement between City and Sierra on requirements for a particular set of work, e.g. a deliverable or sub-deliverable. Used during Phase 1.  No longer used
Building Permits Module All Building related applications
Case Land Use:  A land use application.
Enforcement:  A reported (potential) or actual code violation under review by the BDS Enforcement Section.
CDR Community Development & Regulation
Core permitting module for IPS
Code Table A table in IPS that provides the End User a predefined list of field values to facilitate quick data entry
Code Violation A problem reported to your agency or discovered during an inspection such as exposed wires discovered during an electrical inspection, or a zoning violation reported to your agency
Contact Any record identified as a user, customer, vendor, manufacturer, or any other human contact record.
Content Manager Administrative tool in IPS used to create Detail Pages.
COTS Commercial-Off-The-Shelf
Software in its un-customized state (may be configured, but not customized)
CRM Citizen Relationship Management (also known as Customer Relationship Management)
CRP Change Request Process
CSME “Core” Subject Matter Expert. City employees working with ITAP full-time to represent the range of functions required of the new system.
CSR Customer Service Request (also known as Citizen Service Request)
Detail Page The user interface screen in IPS holding customized fields created for the City of Portland.
DME Data Maintenance Environment. A computer system in which GIS/mapping information is added or modified. For example, City employees will use the DME to create new addresses based on permitting activity.
DP Dynamic Portal
Gateway for the public to interact with the City’s IPS system
DRW Design Requirements Workflow. A Visio flowchart representation of business process steps, to be used as a guide for staff when configuring system software.
DSD Design Specification Document
Written document describing final agreement between City and Sierra on requirements for a particular set of work, e.g. a deliverable or sub-deliverable
eDMS Electronic Document Management System. For example, TRIM is the central eDMS for the City’s archived records.
ESB Enterprise System Bus
Web-based communication component of middleware, e.g. Microsoft’s Biz Talk, Oracle’s Fusion
Fee Estimator A web based utility which draws fees from various locations to provide a comprehensive fee summary for a specific application
Functional Testing Testing of configured workflows performed by the City (does not include testing data or interfaces)
GIS Geographic Information Systems. The GIS components of ITAP will work in tandem with the database managed by the City of Portland Central GIS (CGIS) group and will incorporate a property model with parcels, buildings, addresses, and other mapping layers.
GSME “General” Subject Matter Expert. City employees representing the full range of workgroups that use the City’s permitting system and assigned to participate in the new system development throughout the duration of the project.
HMS Hansen Mobile Solution
Name of mobile field solution, allowing inspectors and other field staff to use IPS remotely
The mobile solution is provided by Selectron
Infor Publisher of the Infor Public Sector software (previously Hansen)
Instance or Build   A copy of the IPS application
Integration Testing (aka System Testing) Testing of complete system performed by Team Sierra; includes data and interfaces
IPS Infor Public Sector
Abbreviation for Infor Public Sector, the permitting software to be implemented by ITAP
Iteration A procedure in which repetition of a sequence of operations yields results successively closer to a desired result (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Each ITAP iteration includes design, build, and test activities related to configuring the new system software for specific City of Portland application and permit types.

Iterative and incremental life cycles are ones in which project phases (also called iterations) intentionally repeat one or more project activities as the project team’s understanding of the product increases.  Iterations develop the product through a series of repeated cycles, while increments successively add to the functionality of the product.  These life cycles develop the product both iteratively and incrementally. (Project Management Book Of Knowledge, 5th Edition, Pg. 45)
IVR Interactive Voice Response
System used for customers to interact with permit system via telephone, e.g. for scheduling inspections
MAR Master Address Repository. A database which will serve as the City ofPortland's centralized place for addresses.
Middleware Customized central point of communication between two applications/systems
Milestone A completion point within a workflow, e.g. “Ready to Issue” or “Inspection”
PCI Payment Card Industry, i.e. for credit card processing
PCI-DSS  PCI Data Security Standard
Planning Module All Land Use related applications.
ProjectDox Electronic plan review software
RAM / RACI  Responsibility Assignment Matrix / Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
Schema The table and fields found in IPS or any other database
Schema Manager Administrative tool in IPS used to update Database Schema. 
SDC System Development Charge
Fees & Details related to various System Development Charges
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMS Texting
SSO Single Sign-On
A single point of authentication, allowing a person to enter one logon and password for access to multiple systems
System Testing (aka Integration Testing) Testing of complete system performed by Team Sierra; includes data and interfaces
TRACS  Tracking Review, Application and Construction System
Current (pre-ITAP) permitting system
TRACS Folder A repository representing a specific type of A/P, code, or license or process
TRIM Total Records and Information Management. TRIM is the software the City uses for its centralized document archive system maintained by the Auditor’s Office. ITAP will link to electronic copies of approved permits and other documents in TRIM, as TRACS does now.
UAT User Acceptance Testing
UI User Interface
Unit Testing Testing of configured workflows performed by Team Sierra
User Acceptance Testing Testing of complete system performed by City (includes data and interfaces, etc.)
Web Services Programming tools to allow information to flow to and from IPS.  Used for Interfaces and/or conversions.
WIP Work in Progress
Documents active in current system (e.g. TRACS) to be rolled over at go-live (vs. documents to be archived)
Workflow Business process