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Find your permit type

Brochure #2 - Do I need a permit for my project? Brochure #2 - Do I need a permit for my project? This brochure provides general information about the types of work that require a permit, and those that do not for a one or two family dwelling. As the owner of a one or two family dwelling, you can hire a licensed contractor to get the proper permits and complete work, or in most cases, you can obtain permits and do the work yourself.

Use the table below to find out if you need a permit, and the type of permit required.

  1. Based on the work proposed, select from one of the five categories listed below.
  2. Locate the work in the first column and if a permit is required from the second column.

Note: Often, a proposed project will include work from several categories. If this is the case for your scope of work, be sure to check the requirements for each category. More information on permits.

1. Site Related - Exterior

Grading and clearing Site Development Permit (SD) if there is no structure
Build a private street Site Development Permit (SD)
Tree cutting on my property Visit Development Services Center staff to determine if the site needs a Zoning Permit (ZP) and Site Development Permit (SD).

Trees 12 inches and greater in diameter may require an Urban Forestry Permit. Please call (503) 823-4489.
Retaining walls taller than 4’ or any wall with sloping backfill or surcharged Building Permit (RS) ; Site Development Permit (SD) for walls in new subdivision
Add a driveway with new or replacement curb cut Zoning Permit (ZP)
Add paving for driveway with existing, unaltered curb cut Zoning Permit (ZP)
Add a concrete patio on grade (private property) Visit Planning & Zoning staff at the Development Services Center or call (503) 823-7526 to determine if a Zoning Permit (ZP) is needed.
Water Heater:  
New electric water heater Electrical Permit (ET), Plumbing Permit (PT)
New gas water heater Mechanical Permit (MT), Plumbing Permit (PT)
Replace electric to gas Mechanical Permit (MT), Plumbing Permit (PT)
Replace gas to electric Electrical Permit (ET), Plumbing Permit (PT)
In kind (ie. gas to gas, etc.) Plumbing Permit (PT)
Sewer Connection:  
Connection on property Plumbing Permit (PT)
Connection in right of way Utility Connection (UC)
Repair in right of way Utility Repair (UR)