Other ProjectsIf your project does not seem to fit into any of these categories but you think you might need the assistance of a devTeam Liaison, please contact Mary Pat Gardner at (503) 823-7452 or marypat.gardner@portlandoregon.gov.



    Large ProjectLARGE projects with valuations greater then $8 million. These include complex projects with numerous challenges similar to the mid-size category. Projects in this category include downtown high rises, condominium or office towers with mixed retail uses, medical facilities, industrial sites and projects with major infrastructure improvement components.



    Mid-Size ProjectMID-SIZE projects with valuations between $3 million to $8 million with complex site or design requirements. These projects may be either new construction or alterations to an existing building and may include the following: a City land use process or design review, seismic upgrades, transportation issues, stormwater disposal challenges, or a mixture of building types and uses.



    Major ProjectMAJOR PROJECTS with valuations greater then $50 million. A specialized program is available for customers working on the largest and most complex projects. The Major Projects Group program (MPG) is a fee-based program. It includes expanded facilitation services and early, ongoing review of design documents as they are being developed. Current capacity allows for up to 3 projects per year to be accepted into this program.