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Day Two

1. Vegetation

Introduction and sedum

10. Irrigation


11. Irrigation

Portland rainfall statistics

12. Irrigation

Types of systems

13. Irrigation

OSU ecoroof test plots

14. Irrigation

Components and meters

15. Irrigation

Discussion, questions and answers

17. Plant Installation Techniques

Hydroseeding, seeds, pots, cuttings

21. Plant Installation Techniques

Discussion, questions and answers

22. Other Items to Consider

Biodiversity and urban agriculture

24. Operations and Maintenance

Things to include in your O&M Plan

25. Operations and Maintenance

Plant care, weed control and pests

28. Ecoroof Permitting


29. Ecoroof Permitting

Commercial projects

3. Vegetation

Sedum acre, sedum album, sedum divergens, sedum hispanicum, sedum kamschaticum

30. Ecoroof Permitting

Residential projects

31. Ecoroof Permitting

Resources, questions and answers

32. Case Studies


33. Case Studies

Buckman Terrace

34. Case Studies

Liptan residential garage

35. Case Studies

Raphael House

36. Case Studies

Hamilton Apartments

37. Ecoroof Design

Design exercise, discussion, questions and answers

4. Vegetation

Sedum oreganum, sedum ruprestre, sedum sexangulare, sedum spathulifolium, sedum spurium, sedum telephium

5. Vegetation

Sempervivum tectorum, delosperma cooperi, delosperma nubigenum, camassia quamash

6. Vegetation

Festuca glauca, muscari latifolium, licorice fern

8. Soils


9. Soil

Mixes and installation