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Hollywood-Grant Park Sewer and Stormwater Project

Construction Begins October 12

Environmental Services will begin construction on the Hollywood-Grant Park Sewer and Stormwater Project at more than 80 sites. Over the next year
and a half, this project will repair or replace 38,000 feet (about 7 miles) of public sewer pipes that are between 75 and 110 years old and in poor condition. The work includes constructing 12 green street planters and six sumps that will remove more than 201-million gallons of stormwater from the sewer system annually. These improvements will protect public health, property and the environment, and reduce the possibility of sewage releases into streets, homes and businesses.

Developments of Note

Our contractor, Emery & Sons, is scheduled to begin work next week. Crews will start with the following tasks to prepare for construction:

  • Surveying
  • Locating utilities
  • Inspecting sewer lines
  • Exploratory excavation

There will be staging areas located at NE 50th Avenue and Beech Street, and at NE 67th Avenue and Halsey Street where the contractor will store construction materials. Smaller amounts of material, including clay pipe sections, will be stored at individual construction sites one to two weeks in advance of activity. Some of the most durable pipes in Portland’s sewer are clay pipes. Some clay pipes are more than 100 years old and still in very good condition. Above ground, work crews can handle clay pipe only once or twice before installing it. They store it close to construction sites to to reduce the amount of handling.

Hollywood-Grant Park project map

Construction Schedule

Please be aware that the following construction schedule for the next three weeks is subject to change due to a variety of factors, including conditions underground, weather, traffic impacts, subcontractor schedules and availability of materials.

Week of October 12

Video inspection of main line sewer under the streets listed below. Small crews will work in manholes sending cameras through the sewer line.

  • NE 47th north of Klickitat
  • NE 48th north of Klickitat
  • NE 49th south of Klickitat
  • NE Siskiyou east of 34th
  • NE Stanton and 35th
  • NE 37th north and south of Stanton
  • NE 38th south of Wistaria
  • NE 46th north and south of Thompson
  • NE 50th south of Brazee
  • NE 51st north of Thompson
  • NE 52nd south of Sandy
  • NE 52nd south of Tillamook
  • NE 54th south of Sacramento
  • NE 55th south of Sacramento
  • NE Sandycrest west of 57th
  • NE 45th north of Halsey

Week of October 19

Spot repairs will be made at the locations listed below. Crews will trench down to the main line sewer at specific locations along the street to repair areas where needed.

  • NE 47th north of Klickitat
  • NE 46th south of Thompson
  • NE 50th south of Brazee

Week of October 26

  • NE 50th Ave, south of Brazee St – finish spot repairs

Temporary asphalt will be placed over spot repairs at the locations listed below. Final paving is weather dependent.

  • NE 47th north of Klickitat
  • NE 46th south of Thompson
  • NE 50th south of Brazee

What to Expect During Construction

  • Construction creates noise, vibration and dust and disrupts normal neighborhood activity.
  • Typical work hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, but the contractor may schedule work during the same hours on Saturdays.
  • Please stay clear of all construction activities and keep children, pets and vehicles out of construction areas.
  • Traffic control signs are in place. The contractor maintains local access, but you should expect delays.
  • On-street parking in or near the work area may be limited. Please observe no parking signs.
  • Equipment and materials may be stored on nearby streets overnight.
  • A city inspector is on-site during work hours and may be able to assist you with construction concerns. Inspectors typically wear a hard hat and safety vest with “City of Portland” on the back.

There may be periods of inactivity between construction phases.

Construction Methods

The contractor will use open trench construction, pipe bursting and cured-in-place pipe lining to repair sewers. Go to for more information about sewer construction methods. 

For More Information

Contact Joe Annett at 503-823-2934. To receive project updates by email, email Joe with "HGP" in the subject line.

You can receive text messages of urgent traffic alerts for this project by emailing us to be put on the text message list. In the body of the email, provide your mobile phone number and the name of your network carrier. Messages are 1-2 sentences long and convey information such as road closures and openings. Major mobile networks are capable of this, but message and data rates may apply.

Did You Know?

Do you have problems with water seeping into your basement? Please let Environmental Services know by taking the online basement moisture survey. Survey responses help identify neighborhoods with seepage problems and design stormwater management projects.

Hollywood-Grant Park Project Overview

Construction starts late fall 2015

Permit of Entry Form

Submit a permit of entry form online

Sewer Construction Methods

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