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Properly Maintain Grease Interceptors



BMP Reason Benefits

Observe all grease trap or interceptor cleaning or maintenance activities to ensure the device is properly operating.

Grease trap/interceptor pumpers may take shortcuts. If the establishment manager inspects the cleaning operation and ensures it is consistent with the procedures in the section on Grease Trap and Interceptor Maintenance they are more assured of getting full value for their money.

The establishment will ensure it is getting value for the cost of cleaning the grease trap or interceptor. Otherwise the establishment may be paying for cleaning more often than necessary.

Clean undersink grease traps routinely.

Undersink grease traps have less volume than grease interceptors.

If the establishment does not have a grease interceptor, the undersink grease trap is the only means of preventing grease from entering the sanitary sewer system. If the grease trap is not providing adequate protection, the local sewer agency may require installation of a grease interceptor.

This will extend the length of the cleaning cycle for grease interceptors that the establishment maintains.

Clean grease interceptors routinely.

Grease interceptors must be cleaned routinely to ensure that grease accumulation does not cause the interceptor to operate poorly.

The cleaning frequency is a function of the type of establishment, the size of the interceptor, and the volume of flow discharged by the establishment.

Routine cleaning will prevent plugging of the sewer line between the food service establishment and the sanitary sewer system. If the line plugs, the sewer line may back up into the establishment, and the business will need to hire someone to unplug it.

Remove garbage disposal and/or food grinder.

This type of equipment causes an excessive amount of solids to be introduced into a grease trap or interceptor.

This will reduce the amount of material going to the grease traps/interceptors, which will require less frequent cleaning, reducing maintenance costs.





















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