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Extra Strength Sewage Charge (ESSC) Program

Extra Strength Sewage Charge Program

The Extra Strength Sewage Charge (ESSC) Program assesses fees on commercial and industrial sewer users that discharge high strength wastewater to the City's sanitary sewer system. ESSC fees are surcharges above base sewer fees for loadings to the sewer in excess of typical domestic sewage. The ESSC recovers the additional treatment costs associated with high strength wastewater that are not covered by base sewer fees.

Currently the City bills ESSC fees for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in excess of 300 mg/L, and for total suspended solids (TSS) in excess of 350 mg/L.

Extra Strength Sewer Charges are authorized in Chapter 17.36 of the Portland City Code.

Check current ESSC rates.

Please keep the following in mind as you review these requirements:

  • (1 CCF = one hundred cubic feet = 748 gallons)
  • BOD Rate ($/CCF) = (Avg. BOD – 300 mg/L) x (0.622 $/lb.) x (0.006243 conv. factor)
  • TSS Rate ($/CCF) = (Avg. TSS – 350 mg/L) x (0.770 $/lb.) x (0.006243 conv. factor)