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Green Street Facts

What is a green street facility?

  • green street planterA green street facility is a small rain garden that collects stormwater runoff from streets.
  • Green street facilities keep stormwater out of the sewer system and local streams.
  • Green street facilities are important parts of the city’s green infrastructure and help protect and improve the efficiency of the city’s grey, or pipe, infrastructure.
  • Green street facilities help prevent sewer back-ups in basements and combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to the Willamette River.
  • Green street facilities increase urban green space, improve air quality, replenish groundwater, and reduce air temperature.

How does the city choose facility locations?

  • green street curb extensionTo effectively manage stormwater, green street facilities must be located where they will benefit the sewer system. They are typically located close to storm drains.
  • Green street width, length and depth are determined through research and modeling conducted by city staff.
  • Other factors considered are the width of planting strips, the age and size of existing street trees, and parking impacts.

Do green street facilities reduce on-street parking?

  • green street in planting stripGreen street facilities built within the right-of-way, or planting strip, do not remove on-street parking.
  • Green street facilities that are curb extensions do remove parking spaces because they protrude into the street. A curb extension can remove two to three parking spaces, depending on its length.
  • The city works with adjacent property owners to limit impacts while ensuring that green street facilities effectively manage stormwater.
  • Because green street facilities are not as wide as cars, curb extensions give traffic more room to pass than parked cars do. A curb extension’s low-growing vegetation also improves visibility for drivers and pedestrians.

Green street care and maintenance

  • green street managing stormwaterThe city is responsible for maintaining green street facilities. City staff generally conducts seasonal maintenance. The city also welcomes volunteer Green Street Steward partnerships.
  • Maintenance staff leave door hangers for green street neighbors with a description of the work performed and contact information.
  • Maintenance includes removing sediment, leaves or trash that can impede water flow and affect green street performance.
  • Green street facilities should never be used to dispose of trash or animal waste. The city welcomes help from green street neighbors in keeping these materials out of green streets.

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