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SW Hamilton Roadside Swales

Environmental Services will construct improvements to about 920 feet of ditches along SW Hamilton Street between SW 45th and SW 47th avenues (see map).

SW Hamilton project mapDitches on SW Hamilton carry stormwater runoff from the street directly to Fanno Creek and its tributaries. The fast-moving water causes erosion and carries pollutants washed off streets.

cross section diagram of planted swaleThis project will plant swales with a combination of grasses and low-growing plants. The vegetation will help protect the channel from erosion and may help reduce stormwater pollutants. As part of the project, the Portland Bureau of Transportation will add four-foot wide, paved shoulders.

The Fanno-Tryon Watershed Management Plan identified these improvements as a way to improve drainage and pedestrian safety and protect water quality. Over one-third of the roads in the watershed are paved and have no curbs. Ditches border most of them.

After construction is complete, work crews will install plants in and around the new swales during the next planting season.

Construction Schedule

Construction has started on the west end of the project area on SW Hamilton. Our contractor will continue moving east with completion scheduled for march.

What to Expect During Construction

  • Typical work hours will be 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The contractor can also choose to work on Saturdays if necessary.

  • Traffic restrictions will be in place/ Local residents will have access to their property but may experience delays.

  • There will be work in front of and adjacent to driveways. The contractor will work with residents to maintain access.

  • On-street parking in or near the work area will be prohibited during work hours.

  • Equipment and materials will be stored on nearby streets overnight.

  • A city construction inspector will be on-site during work hours, and may be able to assist you with construction concerns. Inspectors typically wear a green City of Portland safety vest and hard hat.

Let us know if you have concerns such as business operations, disability issues or medical deliveries.

For More Information

Contact Joe Annett at 503-823-2934. To sign up for periodic email updates during construction, email Joe with "Hamilton Swales" in the subject line.