• April 24, 2014 Open House

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    Summary of public input

    CAC Meeting 14

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    CAC Meeting 13


    Preferred Alternative Implementation presentation

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    October 15, 2013 Oversight Committee Meeting

    Facilities Plan Update Presentation

    Foothills District Presentation

    Citizen Advisory Committee Presentation

    Preferred Alternatives Presentation

    CAC Meeting 12

    September 11, 2013


    Application of Design Standards and Enhancements presentation

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    CAC Meeting 11

    July 10, 2013


    Preferred Alternative Discussion

    Cost Estimate Summary

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    April 24, 2013 Open House


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    CAC Meeting 10

    May 22, 2013


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    Community Feedback Summary

    Open House Workbook

    CAC Meeting 9

    April 10, 2013


    Edge Connections And Other Non Process Attribute Preferences

    Preliminary Site Alternatives

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    CAC Meeting 8

    March 13, 2013


    Preliminary Site Alternatives

    Evaluation Criteria Weighting Worksheet

    CAC Engagement Process

    Review of Site Planning Opportunities

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    Enhancement Plan Recap (7MB PDF)

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    CAC Meeting 7

    February 13, 2013


    Engagement process

    Plant alternatives matrix

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    Project alternatives

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    CAC Meeting 6

    October 11, 2012


    Project Flow/Load and Capacity Assessment

    BES Strategic Levels of Service

    TCWTP Tactical Levels of Service

    TCWTP Levels of Services slides

    TCWTP Facilities Plan Map

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    CAC Meeting 5

    September 13, 2012


    Alternative Evaluation Criteria

    Planning Criteria Presentation

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    CAC Meeting 4

    August 8, 2012


    Regulatory Treatment Requirements Presentation

    2007 Enhancement Plan Review Presentation

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    CAC Meeting 3

    July 11, 2012


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    Planning Process Flow

    CAC Meeting 2

    June 13, 2012


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    Foothills Presentation

    CH2MHill Presentation

    CAC Meeting 1

    May 9, 2012


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    Foothills District Framework Plan (PDF Document, 4,218kb)

    TCWTP Draft Vision and Guiding Principles*

    The Draft Vision and Guiding Principles Document includes five suggested key elements further defined by guiding principles which are a point of departure for the CAC to think about their vision of the future for the Tryon Creek plant. The CAC is using this document as a guide. The draft document has also been distributed for comment to stakeholders within the Bureau of Environmental Services and the City of Lake Oswego. The intent is to develop a consensus Vision and Guiding Principles Document with input from all of the parties that have a stake in the future of the Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Facilities Planning team will use the final Vision and Guiding Principles to develop evaluation criteria that will be used to select and recommend a preferred alternative to the Oversight Committee.

    July 19, 2012 Oversight Committee Meeting


    Summary Notes

    September 23, 2011 Oversight Committee Meeting Notes

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