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Current Zoning

More than a dozen base zones are in this subwatershed. Open space (OS) comprises nearly 30 percent of the subwatershed. Industrial designations, concentrated along the Willamette River, also comprise a large portion of the subwatershed. Multnomah County has jurisdiction over about a quarter of the subwatershed, areas located west of Cornell Road. Lands zoned Residential Farm/Forest (RF) are located primarily along the western edge of the subwatershed. A mixture of residential, employment, and commercial designations comprise smaller portions of the subwatershed.

0.0 CN1 0.0
2.0 CN2 0.0
7.1 EG1 0.3
16.0 EX 0.7
7.0 IG1 0.3
460.6 IH 20.4
615.3 OS 27.3
12.1 R1 0.5
54.1 R10 2.4
2.9 R2 0.1
112.5 R20 5.0
68.0 R5 3.0
11.2 R7 0.5
293.0 RF 13.0
0.6 RH 0.0
585.8 Outside City 26.0
2248.2   99.5
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