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Occupational Health & Infectious Disease



Carolyn Williams, RN - Manager


Flu Clinics 2016-2017   


Date      Day          Time                  Location

10/26    Wed.           0700-0930        City Fleet, Kerby, Safety Classroom, 2835 N Kerby Ave

10/27   Thurs.         1200-1245        Safety Conf., Camp Withycombe,15300 SE Minuteman Way

11/2      Wed.           0900-1030        Revenue, Columbia Sq., Rivers RM, 111 SW Columbia

11/3      Thurs.         0900-1130        City Hall, Rose RM, 1120 SW 4th Ave

11/29    Tues.          0800-1100        1900 Building, RM 2500-B, 1900 SW 4th Ave

11/30    Wed.          1000-1300         Portland Building, RM C, 2nd FL., 1220 SW 5th Ave


 Flu Shots are available at no cost to all City of Portland employees* while supplies last.


  • Due to a limited amount of vaccine we will be unable to vaccinate family members.
  • This year’s formula is Quadrivalent (four flu vaccines combined).
  • No preservatives
  • No latex
  • If allergic to eggs, see your provider for an egg-free flu vaccine.
  • If you are age 65 or older, please check with your provider to see if you should receive the special “high dose” vaccine from them. These clinics are not stocked with the “high dose” or nasal spray formulas.                                                              

*Portland Fire Bureau does not participate in this program. Fire Bureau employees should check with Janet Woodside for more information.

For Questions please call Carolyn Williams, RN at 503-823-5238 or



The Exposure Control Line for City of Portland Employees* has changed.  Please take note it is



Only the following exposures need to be reported to the Exposure Control Line: 

  • Contaminated needle sticks

  • Contact with blood or body fluids with blood in them to your non-intact skin

  • Contact with blood or body fluids with blood in them to mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, or mouth

  • Exposure to confirmed cases of bacterial meningitis, active tuberculosis, or other infectious airborne disease. 

In the event of a bloodborne exposure, the exposed employee will: 

  • Provide immediate care to the exposure site

  • Wash wounds and skin with soap and water if available, or appropriate disinfectant

  • Flush mucous membranes with water

  • If blood is in mouth, rinse and spit several times

  • Collect contact  information about the “Source” if known 

NOTE:  Other health issues and concerns such as: request for vaccine records, vaccines, or flu shots; animal bites, shingles, MRSA, inhalation of chemicals, rash, fever, scabies, lice, bedbugs, spider bites, food poisoning, diarrhea and health information in general should be directed to: 

Occupational Health· Infectious Disease

Program Office (Nurse)


*Fire Bureau Staff should follow their EMS memo

Check Here for Complete Information on the Bloodborne Pathogen Program




Occupational Health Service Catalog

City Risk Occupational Health Infectious Disease Program 2016 Service Catalog

EpiPen - Further Details

Occupational Health is no longer offering the Severe Allergic Reaction/Epi-PenĀ® Training. Please click here for further information.