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Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Internal Business Services

BIBS is the provider of central services for the City of Portland

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Room 1250, Portland, OR 97204

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Procurement Services Staff Directory

 Administrative Services | Construction | Goods & Services | Outside Services | Professional Services | Technology Contracts

 Main Phone Number (front desk):  503-823-5047 
 Main Fax Number:  503-823-6865 
 Hours: M-F 8am to 5pm; Closed Most Federal Holidays    

Administrative Services

 Moody, Christine  Chief Procurement Officer  503-823-6855
 Gibson, Barbara  Procurement Manager  503-823-7665
 Edwards, Stacey  Program Coordinator - Contractor Development  503-823-9166
 Foreman, Stacey  Program Coordinator - Sustainable Procurement  503-823-3508
 Huynh, Luu  Senior Administrative Specialist  503-823-1708
 Kapelczak, Mary  Administrative Assistant  503-823-5783
 Kelley, Todd  Senior Management Analyst  503-823-5513
 Penson, Tiffani  Program Coordinator - Minority Evaluator Program  503-823-7785
 Severe-Marcelin, Toni  Administrative Assistant  503-823-5047
 Wolley, Greg  Program Coordinator - Training  503-823-6860

Construction Contracts Team

 Brenes-Morua, Kathleen  Procurement Supervisor  503-823-5371
 Davis-McKernan, Kelly  Senior Procurement Specialist  503-823-7574
 Hellman, Valentine  Senior Procurement Specialist  503-823-6130
 Pack, Angela  Contract Compliance Specialist  503-823-6883
 Saechao, Ay  Procurement Assistant  503-823-5055
 Scott, Brenda  Contract Compliance Specialist  503-823-6889
 Tamiesie, Louise  Program Specialist - Prequalification  503-823-5578

Goods & Services Contracts Team

 King, Celeste  Procurement Supervisor  503-823-4044
 Antisdel, Cate  Senior Procurement Specialist  503-823-6850
 Beane, Rachel  Procurement Assistant  503-823-9293
 Green, Theresa  Procurement Specialist  503-823-6837
 Henshaw, Denice  Senior Procurement Specialist  503-823-2299
 Phillips, Cindy  Procurement Specialist  503-823-6809
 Thompson, Aaron  Management Assistant - P-Card Program  503-823-5701
 Van Nest, James  Program Coordinator  503-823-5680

Outside Services Team

 Massier, Cathleen  Program Manager  503-823-6888
Almirol-Robbins, Nichelina  Procurement Assistant  503-823-2297
 Miller, Alexzandria  Procurement Assistant  503-823-5551
 Wendorf, Paula  Contract Compliance Specialist  503-823-1090

 Professional, Technical, & Expert Services (PTE) Contracts Team

 Pelatt, Laurence  Procurement Supervisor  503-823-2506
Blade, Jeff  Senior Procurement Specialist  503-823-6858
Saechao, Mahn  Procurement Specialist  503-823-1075

Technology Contracts Workgroup

 Schneider, Scott  Technology Procurement Supervisor  503-823-6880
 Beyers, Brenda  Office Support Specialist  503-823-4338
 Bollinger, Estelle  Technology Contracts Coordinator  503-823-4330
 Moering, James  Senior Procurement Specialist  503-823-7886
 Shelton, Marci  Management Assistant  503-823-4879