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January 2013


Oregon OSHA Updates

January 2013



Rulemaking: Hearings scheduled on three Oregon OSHA proposed rules

Oregon OSHA is holding a public hearing in Bendon January 24.  Hearings will be held in Salem on January 29 and 31. The hearings are on three new proposed rules. They will be video streamed and can be watched at on January 31, 2013.



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Oregon OSHA has proposed changing the PPE requirement in construction. They will be replaced with the PPE requirements in Division 2, General Industry. 

The change will benefit bureaus doing both construction and maintenance work.  For activities that start as Division 2 and move into Division 3, the rules would remain the same.  An example would be repair of an underground pipe. The work would be Division 2 for replacing a pipe with the same pipe. But, the work would fall into Division 3 when replacing a pipe with a larger or different type of pipe. 


General Industry

Hole Openings (including skylights) in general industry

Oregon OSHA has proposed a change to the General Industry rule for holes in floors, roofs, and other walking/working surfaces (including skylights and skylight screens).  The proposed rules would match the Construction standard.  This change is to hole cover strength.  The hole cover strength in General Industry was 200 lbs. The proposed rule requires the cover to support two times the weight of the equipment, employees, and materials that may be placed on the cover.

Small capacity cranes in general industry

Oregon OSHA has proposed a new rule (437-002-0231, Crane Operator Safety Training Requirements, in Division 2, Subdivision N).  The new rule would give employers who use small-capacity mobile cranes an option for training crane operators. This rule allows employers to meet the operator training required by 437-002-0231, or the training required by 1926.1427, Operator qualification and certification, Division 3, Subdivision CC.


Other Updates

On September 25, 2012, Oregon OSHA adopted Federal OSHA’s “Globally Harmonized” hazard communication standard.  This is based on the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for classifying and labeling hazardous chemicals.

Please see Oregon-OSHA Updates,  December 2012 for additional information, tools, and timelines.

As always, City Risk  is available to assist you with consultative services or simply to answer any questions you may have regarding these and other safety and health issues.  Our number is 503 823-5101, Option #5. 

Other ways to obtain assistance would be to visit City Risk web page, Oregon OSHA webpage, or contact Oregon OSHA at 1-800-922-2689 for technical assistance or the resource librarian.  The resource librarian is amazing and will research topics and provide copies of standards.