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Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Internal Business Services

BIBS is the provider of central services for the City of Portland

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Room 1250, Portland, OR 97204

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City Risk LogoLoss Prevention

Risk Management, Portland, OR                                                                                          (05/15/2013) 

Auditor's   Office   (including   Omsbudsman, Independent Police Review, Audit Services, Hearings Offices &   SPARKS) Peg Genne 3-0918
BES   (Secondary) Nick Atanasov 3-2887
BES (Waste Treatment Plant only) Randy Tomsik 3-2424
BOEC   (Secondary) Stephanie Solomon-Lopez 3-0911
BP&S   (Secondary) Kevin Campbell 3-1336
Bureau   of Development Services - BDS Richard Appleyard 3-7962
BDS Greg Supriano 3-7351
BDS Pirjo Schulback 3-7927
BDS Mark Fetters 3-1028 
Bureau   of Emergency Communication - BOEC - (Primary) Genny Dupre 3-0911
Bureau   of Environmental Services - BES (Primary) Scott Turpen 3-7104
Bureau   of Human Resources - BHR - (Primary) Larry Nelson 3-6118
BHR   (Secondary) Regina Birch 3-3172
Bureau of Planning   & Sustainability BP&S  Fritz Johnson 3-3482
BP&S Karen Lucchesi 3-4552
Bureau of Purchasing - BOP  Todd Kelley 3-5513
Bureau of Purchasing - BOP  Luu Huynh 3-1708
Bureau   of Technology Services - BTS Amy Tuttle 3-7930
Cable   Communication & Franchise Carol Justice 3-2005
City   Attorney's Office (Primary) Susan Dorn 3-3097
City   Attorney's Office (Secondary) Stephanie Harris 3-4047
City   Auditor Colleen Phillips 3-3561
CityFleet Mary DiCarlo 3-1836
Commissioner   Novick's Office Bryan Hockaday 3-1059
Commissioner   Fish's Office Mila Greisen 3-3605
Commissioner   Fritz's Office Milena Hermansky 3-4124
Commissioner   Saltzman's Office Lyne Martin 3-3026
Enterprise   Business Solution Division EBS Michelle Ladd 3-4999
Fire   & Police Disability & Retirement - FPD&R Julie Morrow 3-2607
Government   Relations (Primary) Amy Julkowski 3-1036
Government   Relations (Secondary) Lesley Kelley 3-4130
Mayor   Hales Office Rachael Wiggins 3-4142  
Office   of Management & Finance - OMF (excluding BHR, BTS,   BOP, Rev & RM) Sharon Wolf  3-5288
Office   of Neighborhood Involvement - ONI (Primary) Amy Archer  3-2294
Office   of Equity & Human Rights Tonya Stephens 3-5142
ONI   (Secondary) John Dutt 865-2625
PBOT   Maintenance Operations (Kerby location only) Clint Myer 3-1741
PBOT   Maintenance Operations (Kerby location only) Tish Leos 3-1763
PBOT   Maintenance Operations (Kerby location only)PRIMARY Kylia Hammon 3-1785
Portland   Bureau of Transportation - PBOT (all locations but Kerby) Caitlin McCollum 3-5831
Portland   Fire & Rescue - PF&R Carol Boucher 3-3757
Portland   Housing Bureau - PHB Piset Sao 3-2375 Piset
Portland   Office of Emergency Management - POEM Patty Rueter 3-3809
Portland   Office of Emergency Management - POEM Daire Elliott 3-4375
Portland   Parks & Recreation - PP&R Barbara Aguon 3-5478
Portland   Police Bureau - PPB      
Revenue   Bureau      
Risk   Management - RM Leanna Smith 3-5209
Water   Bureau - WB (Customer Service only) Dave Mozuch 3-4168
WB ( The Portland Building - TPB -   only) (Primary) Teresa Brennan 3-7029
WB (Interstate location only) (Primary) Debra Caskey 3-1954
WB   (Interstate location only) (Secondary) Eric Fullan 3-1520
WB TPB   (Secondary) Chuck Buyukas 3-7495
City Ergo Consultant  Jennifer Thomason 3-5389
EAIP   & PWP Consultant Melissa Schnell 3-6871