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Bureau of Internal Business Services

BIBS is the provider of central services for the City of Portland

2016 Workers' Compensation Service Catalog

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                           Risk Management, Portland, OR



Description of Service 

Administer the City of Portland’s Workers’ Compensation Program


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  • Compliance with ORS 656 and OAR 436 and 438 as required to retain the City’s self-insured and self-administered status.

  • Monitor statute, administrative rule and case law changes and communicate and adjust practices and activities as needed.

  • Communicate and cooperate with Government Relations regarding relevant legislation

Claim Management









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  • State certified team of Claim and Disability Adjusters process, evaluate and manage claims per ORS 656 and OAR 436 and 438 through claim closure.   

  • Provide Injured Worker Packet to encourage and facilitate prompt reporting.

  • Determine compensability: accept and manage or deny and adjudicate.

  • Calculate and pay medical and wage loss benefits per statute.

  • Determine eligibility and pay for awards and vocational services.

  • Monitor Vocational Services for eligible employees.

  • Participate in defense of litigated claims.

  • Comply with Federal Medicare Regulations for reporting.

  • Process payments through Portland EBS/AP requirements

  • Recordkeeping administration per Oregon Retention Schedule

Employer-At-Injury Program (aka Modified/Light/Transitional duty and Early Return to Work)


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  • Consult with bureaus on their program development and practice and procedure documentation.

  • Assist Bureaus with Early Return to Work options, equipment, tools, and resource selection for each Injured Worker

  • Collect required documentation and seek reimbursement on behalf of bureaus for their Injured Workers’ Return-to-Work and Modified Duty wages and equipment.

  • Maintain records to comply with OAR 436-105

Claim Reviews With Bureaus and Cross-Functional Subject Matter Experts


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  • Conduct regular Quarterly claim reviews with most active bureaus.

  • Coordinate participation of a cross functional team for each bureau to include: BHR, Bureau Safety Reps, Legal staff, and Loss Prevention Team members.  Liability team included when there are related employment or subrogation claims. 

  • Update Action Plans regarding claim management, return to work, employment issues and litigation case management to close the claim and resolve the injured employee’s employment status.

Case Conferences with Cross-Functional Subject Matter Experts 


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  • Coordinate special case conferences on complex claims to assure compliance with Workers’ Compensation, Protected Leave, ADAAA, Reemployment/Reinstatement and bargaining requirements. 

State of Oregon Audit and Reporting compliance




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  • Host multiple, on-site State of Oregon compliance audits, respond to Audit findings and maintain a 90% accuracy of benefits.
  • Prepare and submit Annual Loss Report per OAR 436-050-9175 and Bulletin 209. 
  • Timely notification of excess insurance carrier information per OAR 436-050-0170. 
  • Timely notification of the City’s CAFR and Actuarial results per OAR 436-050-0175 and 0300. 
  • Coordinate reporting and pay quarterly Payroll Assessment per ORS440-045-0020; 0025 

Job Physical Demand Analysis


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  • Team with Loss Prevention and/or outside vendor to develop accurate and current job analyses for return-to-work and safety improvements. 
  • Develop an accurate description of the physical job requirements as required by OAR 436-030-0020 for claim management
  • Create a library of job analysis by classification and job title available for BHR and Bureau safety Reps 

 Workers Compensation 101, EAIP and Job Analysis Annual training to Bureaus


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  • Training for bureaus offered annually 
  • Focused training specific to line employees, as well as supervisors and managers
  • EAIP training to maximize City reimbursements