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BIBS is the provider of central services for the City of Portland

Recordkeeping, Reporting & Occupational Survey - Guideline

City Risk LogoLoss Prevention                              

Risk Management, Portland, OR                               03/26/2015



Program Administration

City Risk Responsibility:

City-wide Program; Program Policy and Guidelines; Leadership and Consultation

      • Develop, implement, manage, and maintain the City-wide Recordkeeping, Reporting & Occupational Survey program
      • Serve as central contact between City of Portland with Federal OSHA and OR-OSHA
      • Collects, compiles, analyzes and reports to Federal Bureau of Labor & Industries the required annual Federal OSHA logs
      • Document all Fatalities, Amputations, Loss of Eye and In-patient Hospitalizations reported to OR-OSHA and ensure incident investigations are performed

City Bureaus, Work Locations Responsibility:

Bureau specific Communication to City Risk

        • Notify City Risk Loss Prevention by telephone or e-mail the day any communication is provided to OR-OSHA for Fatalities, Amputations, Loss of Eye and In-patient Hospitalizations
        • Perform incident investigations for all Fatalities, Amputations, Loss of Eye and In-patient Hospitalizations
        • Send to City Risk copies by e-mail, mail or hand delivery of all Federal OSHA Logs (300, 300A, 301)
        • Partnership with City Risk on Loss Prevent Effort

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Program Communication:

City Risk Responsibility:

City Wide Communication

  • Distribute City wide notifications to bureaus and work locations the requirement of sending to City Risk the Federal OSHA Logs (300, 300A, 301)

City Bureaus, Offices, Divisions & Departments Responsibility:

  • Employee Communication
    • The duration dates and locations of all required posted Federal OSHA (300) and how to access the Federal OSHA 300A log
  • Postings (Location)
    • Post copies of required Federal OSHA Logs (300A) and provide access to Federal OSHA Log 300A

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City Risk, City Bureaus, Work Locations Responsibility:

OR-OSHA Communications and City Responses

  • Archive all copies of Federal OSHA Logs, BOLI Summaries and OR-OSHA communications for a minimum of 10 years

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 Program Evaluation:

City Risk Responsibility:

Annual Review

  • Annual review of program to ensure all Federal OSHA and OR-OSHA communications received by City locations are being provided to City Risk and perform evaluation of the program’s effectiveness

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