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Is Clicking a Pain?

City Risk LogoLoss Prevention

Risk Management, Portland, OR                                                                           05/14/2014

If you work daily with a computer keyboard or mouse for several hours, your hands and forearms are subject to repetitive motions each day.  To avoid injury, use the least force possible: relax your hands, don't pound the keys and avoid awkward postures.  You can also reduce the number of repetitive motions performed by the hand by periodically switching your mouse to the opposite hand. This may sound difficult atComputer Mouse first, but most people get used to it quickly (you can also change the right/left click functionality on your computer control panel).  Reducing the use of the mouse by employing keyboard shortcuts can relieve pain and prevent mouse related injury. Click here for keyboard shortcuts for Outlook and here for a Microsoft keyboard shortcut chart. You can also take the free keyboard course by Microsoft here.