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See what other people said about Proposed Draft

Searchable Index of testimony to the Planning and Sustainability Commission

Ever wonder what other people said about the 2014 Proposed Draft of the Comprehensive Plan? Wonder no more! All 4,000 comments sent to the Planning and Sustainability Commission for their review have been catalogued into a searchable index. Online viewing of testimony being sent to City Council is in the works. 


Tips for curbside composting this holiday season

The holiday season often brings more food, festivities and the potential for increased waste. This year, include the food by making sure your holiday food scraps and leftovers end up in the green Portland Composts! roll cart.


Try a few of these simple tips to help make curbside composting easy during the holiday season.

In the kitchen: Store your kitchen compost pail next to your prep area so it’s handy during food preparation. Keep your pail tidy by lining it with newspaper, a paper bag or an approved compostable liner. You can also wrap up food scraps in a piece of newspaper before placing them in your kitchen pail.

Creative uses for Thanksgiving leftovers provides a better option for food you purchased and prepared for others.

To get the most from your bird, make stock with the bones before you compost it. It's easier than you think. By adding water, carrots, onions, celery and perhaps some favorite herbs and spices or even white wine, you can create flavorful stock to freeze for future winter cooking.

Enjoy your leftovers (many holiday foods taste better the second day), make a turkey sandwich, a casserole or get creative with your own concoction!

And when you’ve gotten everything out of your meal, add the turkey bones and any other food left to your green compost roll cart. 

On your pickup day: Set your green compost roll cart on the curb every week, even if it’s not full.  Before you empty your kitchen pail into your green roll cart, try placing a few sheets of newspaper, a paper bag or a pizza box on the bottom of the roll cart to absorb moisture. Even better, you can layer your food with some leaves or yard debris to absorb moisture and odors.

Find more ways to save money and waste less food this holiday at Resourceful PDX.

Is it food? It's compostable!
Get a detailed list of what goes in the green compost roll cart.

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Commissioner Fritz Proposes Amendment to Accessory Structures Code Project

Change would affect Accessory Dwelling Units in R7, R5, and R2.5 zones

Commissioner Fritz has submitted an amendment to the Planning & Sustainability's Recommended Draft on the Accessory Structures Zoning Code Update project. The amendment was submitted on Tuesday, November 17, 2015, prior to the Council's second reading and vote on the ordinance, which was initially scheduled for November 18, 2015.

The amendment removes the ability for smaller accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to be placed within the side and rear setbacks in the R7, R5, and R2.5 zones. The amendment does not affect other covered accessory structures such as garages, sheds, workshops or other living spaces that don't provide independent living facilities.

The City Council has postponed their vote on the amendment and the full package of code changes until December 2, 2015 at 9:45 a.m. In the interim, testimony can be sent to the City Council through the Council Clerks office at

View the Council Amendment

View the Recommended Draft


Sign up for free landlord training in December

Portland-area property managers and landlords attending this training will learn ways to keep rental properties safe and free of illegal activity as well as techniques for dealing with illegal activities by tenants

Since 1989, over 18,500 Portland-area property owners and managers have attended this nationally recognized program and learned how to keep illegal activity out of rentals, maintain property in compliance with City maintenance regulations, and partner with City services/programs to both provide habitable housing and protect their residential property investment.

Learn more about this important opportunity

This program is constantly updated to current laws and issues, and has been adopted by over 550 cities and counties across the nation. The content of the course reflects in-depth research with organizations and individuals in police work, housing maintenance, property management, law and public housing.

Sign up for the Fall 2015 training here

Register to become a certified Master Recycler by December 10

Motivate change in your community, learn from innovative leaders and make a meaningful difference as a Master Recycler


Imagine a day when all Oregonians live well, producing and using materials responsibly, conserving resources, protecting the environment and ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities as we do. Help make this vision a reality by becoming a Master Recycler.

Join 30 sustainability enthusiasts in an eight-week course. Learn from innovative leaders.

This popular course consists of eight weeknight classes and two Saturday field trips. The experience offers a blend of presentations by recycling professionals, peer group discussion and project development. After completing the course, graduates put their skills and knowledge to work and commit to volunteer 30 hours of community outreach.

WHAT: Multnomah County 8-week winter course and 30 hour volunteer program.

WHEN: Eight consecutive Wednesdays (starting January 6, 2016), 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm; and two Saturdays (January 16 and February 13, 2016), 8 am – 2 pm.

WHERE: 1900 SW 4th Ave Suite 2500A Portland, OR. 

COST: $50 fee to cover course materials. Scholarships are available.

APPLY: Deadline for applications is Dec. 10, 2016 at 12 p.m.

Visit for details and to apply.

The City of Portland will reasonably provide auxiliary aids/services to persons with disabilities.

The Master Recycler program is brought to you by Metro, the City of PortlandClackamas CountyWashington CountyDepartment of Environmental Quality and Recycling AdvocatesClackamas CountyWashington CountyDepartment of Environmental Quality and Recycling Advocates.