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Public hearing on new parking regulations in the NW Plan District scheduled for July 6

Recommended Draft to be published in mid-June for public review

A City Council hearing for the Northwest Parking Update Project has been scheduled for July 6, 2016, at 2 p.m. Please check the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability calendar for additional details and to confirm hearing time prior to the hearing.

A Recommended Draft to City Council of the Northwest Parking Update Project will be published in mid-June 2016, and the public will be invited to submit testimony in writing or in person. Check this website regarding the Recommended Draft and when and where to submit testimony.  

City Council holds final work session on Comprehensive Plan amendments; prepares to vote to adopt Portland’s new 20-year land use plan

Commissioners made key decisions about land for jobs, middle housing and historic preservation

On Thursday, May 19, 2016, the Portland City Council held its final work session on Commissioner-sponsored amendments to the draft 2035 Comprehensive Plan. Key votes included:

  • Adopting the “middle housing” amendment (#P45), which supports more housing types (e.g., rowhouses, townhouses, duplexes, cottage courtyards and ADUs) near centers and corridors and close to transit. (Learn more about middle housing.)
  • Accepting the Planning and Sustainability Commission’s recommendation to convert selected golf courses to industrial land in order to meet employment land needs.
  • Developing stronger language to protect historic resources. 

With these actions and a few others, Council completed the new Comprehensive Plan. You can view the Council work session on the Auditor’s website.

Next Commissioners will review “findings” and receive revised ordinances on June 9, followed by a final vote to adopt the City’s new Comprehensive Plan on June 15.

What’s a “finding”?

Oregon land use law requires that cities address multiple goals when creating or updating their comprehensive plans. For instance, Goal 1 addresses public involvement; Goal 9, employment land; and Goal 10, housing. Over the past several years, Portland’s planners have researched existing conditions and trends to determine the amount of land needed to accommodate housing and employment growth, and the transportation projects and other infrastructure needed to support this growth. Planners also looked at the amount of land that should be set aside for open space and the protection of the environment. Each of these examinations is guided by one of Oregon’s statewide planning goals.

The findings are “proof” that Portland’s new Comprehensive Plan meets statewide planning goals. The findings contain the facts and reasons explaining why the City Council adopted the plan it did.  

Upcoming City Council Actions

Accept Findings and Revised Ordinances
June 9, 3 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall
1221 SW Fourth Avenue

Adopt the 2035 Comprehensive Plan
June 15, 2 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall
1221 SW Fourth Avenue

Please check the Council website to confirm dates, times and location. 

Written testimony on the Mixed Use Zones Proposed Draft being accepted until May 24

Portlanders now have another week to provide feedback on proposed changes to commercial/mixed-use zones outside of the Central City

On Tuesday, May 10, the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) hosted a large turnout of Portlanders for a public hearing on the Mixed Use Zones Proposed Draft. This hearing was continued to Tuesday, May 17, with more than 30 more Portlanders testifying on a variety of issues. At the conclusion of this hearing, Commissioners decided to hold the record open until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24 for written testimony on Zoning Code changes. The record for Zoning Map changes will remain open until July 12, when the PSC will hold a public hearing on the Composite Zoning Map Proposal.

The PSC invites testimony on this proposal through May 24, 2016, at 5 p.m. in writing:

  • Via the Map App: Testify on specific proposals by location through the Map App (click on Mixed Use Zones).
  • By Email:
  • By U.S. Mail: 
    Planning and Sustainability Commission
    City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
    1900 SW 4th Ave, Suite 7100, Portland, OR 97201
    Attn: Mixed Use Zones testimony

New Community Involvement Program for future planning efforts available for review

Rooted in the Portland Plan's community involvement principles, the proposed program will implement new Comprehensive Plan policies related to community involvement

Renowned for its great neighborhoods, public transit and urban scale, Portland’s livability didn’t happen by accident. City planners – with the help of community members – created Portland’s first Comprehensive Plan in 1980. Portland’s new 2035 Comp Plan involved even more people in the process. Moving forward, how can we ensure that future planning efforts reflect the needs and desires of Portland’s growing and increasingly diverse population?

Goal 1 of state land use law calls for cities to engage the public when creating and updating land use plans. As part of early implementation efforts for the Comprehensive Plan Update, a new Community Involvement Program is being proposed that will support staff working to achieve the goals and policies laid out in Chapter 2 of the Comprehensive Plan. In February, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability released a Discussion Draft, offering Portlanders a chance to review and provide feedback to project staff. These comments were considered when creating the Proposed Draft of the Community Involvement Program, which is now available for public review. 

Portlanders are invited to testify to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) on the Proposed Draft through June 14, 2016.

Read the Community Involvement Program Proposed Draft; then testify to the Planning and Sustainability Commission in writing or in person.

Planning and Sustainability Commission Public Hearing

Community Involvement Program Proposed Draft
Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 12:30 p.m.
1900 SW 4th Avenue, Room 2500A

Check the PSC Calendar one week prior to the scheduled hearing to confirm the date, time and location. Learn how to testify to the PSC; read Tips for Effective Testimony.

The PSC also invites testimony on this proposal through June 14, 2016, in writing:

  • By Email: Address your comments with “Community Involvement Program Testimony” in the subject line to Be sure to include your full name and mailing address.
  • By US Mail:
    Attn: Community Involvement Program Testimony
    Planning and Sustainability Commission
    1900 SW Fourth Ave, Suite 7100
    Portland OR, 97201

Why is this important?

Policy 2.16 of the new 2035 Comprehensive Plan directs the City to “Maintain a Community Involvement Program that supports community involvement as an integral and meaningful part of the planning and investment decision-making process.” This program, described in the Proposed Draft, will serve as a framework to carry out these policies, providing structure and guidance for staff and community members to continuously learn, adapt and refine practices for meaningful, inclusive involvement.

This project is an Early Implementation Comprehensive Plan project, implementing part of Chapter 2 of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. Unlike other Early Implementation projects, which primarily implement regulations through code and map changes, this project outlines a new program inside the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. This program includes requirements and activities that are already in place, and integrates new ones required by the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, including a new Community Involvement Committee and a manual to guide staff community involvement activities.

Questions? Contact Sara Wright at 503-823-7728 or