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Business Profile: A Day in the Life of Oscar Camarena, Simple Bicycles

Everything he needs to build his custom bike frames is close to his shop in the Ranchers and Gardeners Building.

Attracted to the district because of its central location and access to everything he requires for his business, Oscar Camarena moved his metal fabrication business from Yakima, Wash., to the Central Eastside last year. Now on the first floor of the Gardeners and Ranchers Building at SE 3rd and Madison, Oscar creates bike jigs for frame builders and bicycle product developers around the world. He also builds custom bike frames under the name Simple Bicycles for the high-end cycling market.

He can often be found hanging out with his fellow tenant craftsmen and women, sharing industry knowledge and acting as the de facto “mayor” of this unique community of metal-smiths, designers, bike builders and other entrepreneurs. On Fridays they have their own happy hour in the building.

A self-described “foodie,” Oscar likes the Central Eastside location because of its proximity to lots of restaurants as well as all of his suppliers, distributors, services and other frame builders. He can push a shopping cart loaded with jigs to the powder coater, ride his bike to Winks for small parts and tools or drive his truck to pick up larger supplies in Northwest Portland, all within a 20-minute radius.

Oscar says there’s nowhere else in the city that he would rather do business.

Industrial Ecosystem

It’s easy to look at the Central Eastside and see a collection of individual, albeit diverse, businesses. However, a closer look at these seemingly independent enterprises reveals that most have a symbiotic relationship with other businesses in the area — from the same sector as well as from other sectors — that provide essential goods and services.

Together they form a loose economic ecosystem. Each supports the other in multiple ways, and the removal of one key business, let alone a whole sector, can have a ripple effect that begins to undermine the health and potential survival of many other businesses.

Oscar Camarena of Simple Bicycles provides an example of this kind of industrial “ecosystem.”

This is the ninth installment of a blog series aimed at exploring the past, present, and future of the Central Eastside. To learn more about the industrial businesses of the Central Eastside and the planning efforts for the district, read the Central Eastside Reader and visit the SE Quadrant Plan calendar to learn about future events.

City Council Passes Majority of RICAP 6 to Second Reading

Short-term rental regulations still being debated; public hearing to be continued

On June 4, City Council chambers were packed with people hoping to testify on the Planning and Sustainability Commission’s (PSC) recommendation for the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package 6, or RICAP 6 for short. 

After short presentations by staff and PSC Commissioner Katherine Schultz on the code amendments, Mayor Hales opened the hearing to the 78 people who had signed up to testify on the new short-term rental regulations. Much of the initial testimony came from current short-term rental operators for Airbnb and other vacation rental sites. But many people, including neighborhood activists, did not have time to speak. So commissioners voted to extend the hearing for the short-term rental proposal to July 2.

Questions arose about full-house vacation rentals, short-term rentals within apartments and condos, and the effect of short-term rentals on affordable housing. After three hours of testimony, Council decided that additional discussion and a follow-up hearing would be needed on the short-term rental amendments and agreed to the following: 

  • Schedule a work session with staff for June 24 at 10 a.m. to discuss the short-term rental issues.
  • Hold a second hearing on July 2 starting at 2 p.m. to allow more people to testify on the proposal and any subsequent revisions.
  • Forward the remainder of the regulatory amendments from RICAP 6 to a second reading on June 11 because these items did not generate any testimony or changes in the proposal.

Please check the RICAP calendar for additional information on the upcoming events.  For other updates to the short-term rental proposal, please check the RICAP Web Page.

Old Buildings, New Uses: Gardeners and Ranchers Building

The evolution of an industrial building

The Building Then

In 1922 the Italian Gardeners and Ranchers Association constructed the Italian Gardeners and Ranchers Association Market Building on Martin Luther King Blvd next to the Hawthorne Bridge viaduct.

Now known as the Gardeners and Ranchers Building, the three-story building provided farmers and peddlers with a central location to sell and distribute produce. The association and building were also instrumental in establishing the Central Eastside as a center for produce distribution and industry, and Gardeners and Ranchers served as a gathering place and ad hoc community center for newly arriving immigrants.

This building that once contained a produce market, dairy product section, a specialty Italian import grocer, a pool hall, meeting rooms, and later a clothing manufacturing facility, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. Although it is no longer used for wholesale or produce distribution, its current tenants provide an example of how new industrial uses are populating the Central Eastside.


The Building Now

Today the Gardeners and Ranchers Building is home to more than 23 businesses that use every portion of the building, from the basement to the top floor.

Currently, the basement houses tenants like Ruckus Composites, which began repairing carbon fiber bike frames in a windowless 200 sq ft work space in 2008. Needing a place to paint their frames, they reached out to a cabinetmaker on the second floor, who made his paint booth available as needed. A few years in, the folks at Ruckus discovered they were not the only bike manufacturers in the building. They bumped into Oscar Camarena of Simple Bicycles, who shares his small work space loaded with metal fabrication tools with an architect/designer who makes specialty metal furnishings.

Next to Simple Bicycles is Plywerk, a small but growing company that does photo mounting and art panels in addition to constructing bamboo panels on site. Started in the basement of its founder, the company now occupies several hundred square feet of the Gardeners and Ranchers Building, where staff manufacture the frames as well as mount and ship the finished products to customers near and far.

The second (and top) floor of the building — an area likely used as the original meeting rooms and pool hall of the Italian Gardeners and Ranchers Association — now contains space used by Nike SB (skate boarding), Clogmaster (custom shoes), Virtual Native (web design), Plus QA (desktop and mobile applications) and Streetcar Press (publishing), among others.

The Gardeners and Ranchers Building presents an interesting case study of how older industrial buildings in the district can be reused by a mix of businesses, across different sectors. It also demonstrates how different businesses in the district form interdependent and synergistic relationships that help each one prosper.


This is the eighth installment of a blog series aimed at exploring the past, present, and future of the Central Eastside. To learn more about the industrial buildings of the Central Eastside and the planning efforts for the district, read the Central Eastside Reader and visit the SE Quadrant Plan calendar to learn about future events.

Knowledge-Based and Design Business Profile: Transfer Online

Online shareholder management app developer represents a new kind of industry in the Central Eastside.

The self-proclaimed “first company to develop a web-based system for stock and shareholder management,” Transfer Online is a great example of a software company in the industrial district that manages web-based applications with a team of in-house developers.

President and CEO Lori Livingston moved the company to the Central Eastside from the Pearl District in 2010 because rents were going up on the west side, she didn’t like the tall buildings and was looking for a different environment. She prefers the raw, gritty nature of the area, the character of the buildings and the close-in location, which allows her 30 employees to take transit, walk and bike to work. While moving her business, she purchased the building on the corner of SE 7th and Salmon, where she has been hosting tenants of the Portland Development Commission’s Start-Up Challenge.

Livingston is no stranger to the urban industrial environment. She once had a business in one of New York City’s historic industrial districts, which flipped to high value condos and offices. “I saw small businesses — myself included — disappear from the city. I don’t want that to happen here.”

As a landlord, Livingston knows what tenants are looking for: bike parking, showers, retail and restaurants. And she wants to see more retail amenities closer to her business, “So you don’t have to get in a car to go out to lunch.”

This is the seventh installment of a blog series aimed at exploring the past, present, and future of the Central Eastside. To learn more about the businesses of the Central Eastside and the planning efforts for the district, read the Central Eastside Reader and visit the SE Quadrant Plan calendar to learn about future events.

Garbage rates going down, again!

80% of residents will see their rates go down or stay the same

Every year, the City sets residential garbage, recycling and composting collection rates based on a thorough evaluation of what it costs to provide these services to residents.

This year, rates for curbside collection service will decrease slightly or stay the same for about 80 percent of Portland customers, due to increased operating efficiencies by garbage and recycling companies. This is the second year in a row that Portland has lowered rates for most residents’ garbage, recycling and compost collection.

New rates can be found by calling your garbage and recycling company or at

View a Guide to Garbage, Recycling and Composting Collection at


رسوم نقل النفايات تنخفض لمرة أخرى!

سيرى 80% من سكان المدينة تخفيضاً في رسومهم أو ستبقى كما هي دون تغيير فيها

كل سنة، تضع المدينة (البلدية) رسوم نقل النفايات والتدوير والكومبوست بناءً على تقييم شامل لتكاليف تقديم هذه الخدمات إلى السكان.

وفي هذه السنة، ستنخفض الرسوم لخدمات نقل النفايات من رصيف الطريق قليلاً أو ستبقى كما هي لنحو 80% من عملاء مدينة بورتلاند، وهذا بفضل ارتفاع كفاءات التشغيل من قبل شركات النفايات والتدوير. علماً أن هذه هي السنة الثانية على التوالي التي تخفّض مدينة بورتلاند رسومها لنقل النفايات والتدوير والكومبوست لمعظم السكان.

يمكنكم إيجاد الرسوم الجديدة بالاتصال بشركة النفايات والتدوير التي تتعاملون معها أو الذهاب إلى الموقع الإلكتروني التالي:

والكومبوست وإعادة التدوير دليل لمّ ونقل النفايات

Chinese (Simplified)


80% 居民的垃圾收集服务费将下调或保持不变


今年,由于垃圾和回收公司的运营效率有所提高,80% 的波特兰居民的路边垃圾收集服务费将略有下降或保持不变。这是波特兰市连续第二年下调大多数居民的垃圾、回收和堆肥收集服务费。


垃圾、回收和堆肥收 集指南






改定料金についてのお問い合わせは、ご利用の廃棄物収集業者およびリサイクル業者にお電話で、または をご覧ください。

ゴミ、リサイクル、 コンポスティング 回収サービスガイド


Tariful pentru gunoiul menajer se reduce din nou!

Pentru 80% din rezidenți tarifele se vor reduce sau vor rămâne la fel.

În fiecare an orașul stabilește tarifele pentru gunoiul menajer, reciclarea și colectarea compostului pe baza unei evaluări amănunțite a costurilor necesare pentru a oferi aceste servicii rezidenților.

În acest an tarifele pentru serviciile de colectare de la reședințe vor scădea puțin sau vor rămâne la fel pentru aproximativ 80 la sută din clienții din Portland datorită sporiirii eficienței companiilor care colectează și reciclează gunoiul. Acesta este al doilea an la rând când orașul Portland reduce tarifele pentru colectarea, reciclarea și compostarea gunoiului pentru majoritatea rezidenților.

Puteți afla noile tarife sunând compania dumneavoastră de colectare și reciclare a gunoiului sau la



Расценки на вывоз мусора снова снижаются!

Расценки снизятся или останутся прежними для 80% горожан

Городское управление ежегодно устанавливает расценки на вывоз мусора, утиля и компоста из жилых районов на основе тщательной оценки стоимости предоставления этих услуг.

В этом году расценки на вывоз мусора, оставленного у обочины, слегка снизятся или останутся прежними для примерно 80 процентов клиентов в Портленде в связи с повышением эффективности операций компаний, осуществляющих вывоз и переработку мусора. Уже второй год подряд городское управление Портленда снижает расценки на вывоз мусора, утиля и компоста для большинства горожан.

Вы можете узнать новые расценки, позвонив в обслуживающую вас компанию, осуществляющую вывоз и переработку мусора, или посетив сайт



Qiimaha qashinku hoos ayuu u dhacayaa, mar kale!

Boqolkiiba 80% dadka degaanka ku nooli waxay arki doonaan qiimaha ay bixinayaan oo hoos u dhacay ama sidiisii hore ayuu ahaan doonaa.

Sanad kasta, Degmadu waxay dejisaa qiimaha qashinka goobaha la degan yahay, dib u isticmaalida qashinka “recycling” iyo hawlaha bacriminta iyadoo ku salaysan qiimayn buuxda oo la sameeyay oo ah qiimaha ay ku kacayso bixinta adeegyadan la siinayo dadka degaanka nool.

Sanadkan, qiimaha adeega qashinka looga qaadayo jidka dhiniciisa waxoogaa ayuu hoos u dhici doonaa ama sidiisii hore ayuu u ahaan doonaa qiyaastii boqolkiiba 80 macaamiisha reer Portland, iyadoo ay ugu wacan tahay koror ku yimid tayada wax qabad ee shirkaddaha qashinka iyo dib u isticmaalida qashinka “recycling”. Kani waa sanadkii labbaad oo ay si xiriir ah Portland hoos ugu dhigtay qiimaha inta badan dadka degan qashinkooda, dib u isticmaalida qashinka “recycling” iyo hawlaha bacriminta.

Qiimaha cusub waxaa laga heli karaa adigoo soo waca shirkadda qashinka ama booqda



¡Las tarifas de recolección de basura bajarán otra vez!

Para el 80% de los residentes las tarifas serán menores o permanecerán siendo iguales

Cada año, la Ciudad establece tarifas de recolección de basura, reciclaje y desperdicios de jardines con base en una evaluación detallada de lo que cuesta brindar dichos servicios a los residentes.

Este año, las tarifas para el servicio de recolección a pie de calle bajarán un poco o permanecerán siendo las mismas para aproximadamente el 80 por ciento de los clientes de Portland, debido a la mayor eficiencia operativa de las empresas de basura y reciclaje. Éste es el segundo año consecutivo en el que Portland ha bajado las tarifas de recolección de basura, reciclaje y desperdicios de jardines para la mayoría de los residentes.

Puede encontrar las tarifas nuevas al llamar a su empresa de basura o reciclaje o en



Ціни на вивіз сміття знижуються знову!

80% мешканців побачать, що їхні тарифи знижуються або залишаються такими самими

Кожного року міська влада встановлює тарифи на вивіз, переробку та компостування сміття, які базуються на ретельній оцінці вартості постачання цих послуг мешканцям.

Цього року тарифи на послуги по збору вуличного сміття трохи знизяться або залишаться такими самими приблизно для 80 відсотків мешканців Портленду, завдяки підвищенню ефективності праці компаній зі збору та переробки сміття. Це вже другий рік поспіль, коли Портленд знижує тарифи на вивіз, переробку та компостування сміття для більшої частини мешканців міста.

Дізнатися про нові тарифи можна, зателефонувавши до своєї компанії зі збору та переробки сміття, або на сайті



Giá biểu đổ rác lại đang xuống!

80% cư dân sẽ thấy giá biểu xuống thấp hoặc giữ nguyên như cũ.

Mỗi năm, Thành Phố ấn định giá biểu hốt rác, tạp liệu tái chế biến và làm phân bón tại khu gia cư được căn cứ qua lượng giá kỹ lưỡng về những gì thành phố phải chi phí để cung cấp những dịch vụ này cho cư dân.

Năm nay, giá biểu dịch vụ hốt rác tại vỉa hè sẽ hạ xuống phần nào hoặc giữ nguyên như cũ cho 80 phần trăm thân chủ tại Portland, vì lý do năng suất hoạt động tăng của các hãng hốt rác và tạp liệu tái chế biến. Đây là năm thứ hai liên tiếp Portland đã hạ giá biểu hốt rác, tạp liệu tái chế biến và làm phân bón cho hầu hết các cư dân.

Giá biểu mới có thể được tìm thấy bằng cách gọi điện thoại cho hãng hốt rác và tạp liệu tái chế biến hoặc tại