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PSC News: October 11, 2015 Meeting Recap

Home Energy Scoring — briefing; Inclusionary Housing — briefing; Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Code Changes — work session / recommendation


  • Home Energy Scoring — briefing
  • Inclusionary Housing — briefing
  • Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Code Changes — work session / recommendation

Meeting files

An archive of meeting minutes and documents of all Planning and Sustainability Commission meetings are available at

City Council hearings on new Zoning Code and Map, Community Involvement Program and transportation bundle start next week

Commissioners to hear testimony on recommended Comp Plan Early Implementation Package on October 6 and 13

We’re almost there! Next week, Portland City Council will begin public hearings on the Comprehensive Plan Update Recommended Early Implementation Package. This is the final lap for the project before Portland’s entire 2035 Comprehensive Plan is adopted and sent to the state for acknowledgement.

The package includes combined changes to the Zoning Code and Zoning Map from all of the Comp Plan Early Implementation projects, including Mixed Use Zones, Campus Institutions, Employment Zoning and more. The package also includes a new Community Involvement Program and Stage 2 of the Transportation Systems Plan.

City Council Public Hearing
Recommended Early Implementation Package
Thursday, October 6 and 13, 2016, 2 p.m.
City Hall Council Chambers
1221 SW 4th Avenue

Please check the Auditor’s website for more information and to confirm details. People interested in providing testimony may begin signing up one hour before the hearing but may only sign up for one person at a time. Testimony is limited to two minutes per person.

City Council also invites written testimony on the Early Implementation Package through October 13, 2016:

  • Via the Map App: Testify on recommended Zoning Map changes by location.
  • By Email: with subject line “Comprehensive Plan Implementation”
  • By U.S. Mail:
    Portland City Council
    1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 130
    Portland, OR 97204
    Attn: Comprehensive Plan Implementation

Next Steps

Following the public hearings on October 6 and 13, City Council will hold another work session to consider public testimony, discuss specific topics and prepare amendments. After another hearing for the amendments on November 17, Commissioners will have one more work session before voting to adopt the plan on December 14, 2016.  


Call the Comp Plan Helpline at 503-823-0195. 

Zoning Code Update Packet #175

Amends: 510

Download Update Packet #175

This packet includes only the pages affected by the update. Please note, subsequent updates may have modified these pages. The links to chapters in the chart below will provide the current version of the chapter.

Contact: Troy Doss, 503-823-5857

Substantive Changes: Title 1 Zoning Map Error

  • Amend maps 510-2-1 and 510-2-2 to ensure that a recently-corrected zoning map error for a parcel that was incorrectly zoned both IG1 and EX, but is not zoned entirely EX, maintains the same maximum floor area ratio across the entire parcel.
  • Amend maps 510-3-1 and 510-3-2 to ensure that a recently corrected zoning map error for a parcel that was incorrectly zoned both IG1 and EX, but is not zoned entirely EX, maintains the same maximum height the entire parcel.

Contents of Update Packet #175 (effective 8/192016):

Chapter Remove Pages Insert Pages Changed because of:
33.510 Maps 510-2-1, 510-2-2,
510-3-1, 510-3-2
Maps 510-2-1, 510-2-2,
510-3-1, 510-3-2

The official Title 33, Planning and Zoning (Zoning Code) is the printed copy in the Development Services Center. PDFs available on this website are not the official text of Title 33, Planning and Zoning. Although every effort is made to ensure that the two texts are identical, errors or differences may remain. It is the user's responsibility to verify the legal accuracy of all provisions.

Suggestions on how to improve these notifications? Send us an email.

Look what's new!

We recently published an interactive Zoning Code map showing the existing zoning for the City of Portland. You can search by address or click around to find the zoning for any property within the city.

Planning and Sustainability Commission to hold work sessions on Central City 2035 Proposed Draft, before voting to recommend plan to City Council

Commissioners to discuss topics such as building height, parking, the river, affordable housing bonuses and more

View of Southeast Portland and Mt Hood

On Tuesday, September 27 at 5 p.m., the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) will begin work sessions on the Central City 2035 Plan Proposed Draft. These meetings are designed to help the Commission work through a series of amendments to the Proposed Draft based on public testimony. 

Community members can watch the work sessions on the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability’s YouTube channel

High rise building with ecoroofIn each work session, the PSC and project staff will focus on the details of the big topics in the CC2035 Plan. Building height, the river, transportation and new tools for historic preservation are just a few of the issues to be covered over the next few months.

Work Session Details

At the first work session on September 27, the Commissioners will spend most of their time on building height as it relates to historic resources, scenic views and more. They will also cover green building design and parking.

While the new plan generally retains the existing height pattern, staff have proposed amendments in some areas to either increase or reduce allowed heights. Based on research about building height in certain areas, staff have made amendments to the Proposed Draft for the Commission to consider. 

Building height

At 123,000 jobs and 23,000 households, Portland’s Central City is the region’s economic and residential hub. Those numbers are expected to increase by 40 percent and 165 percent, respectively, over the next 20 years. 

Downtown Portland skyline

Tall buildings in the Central City are needed to support job and population growth. And by locating the tallest buildings along high-capacity transit lines and bridgeheads, we can accommodate growth more efficiently and improve livability. But the amendments related to building height further "sculpt" the skyline to adjust view corridors and preserve historic resources.

Green building and parking in the Central City

With so much new construction in the Central City, we can emphasize green building design for even lower carbon emissions. In addition to requirements for new development to be registered with LEED and other third-party certifiers, the Plan includes proposals for green roofs and bird-safe glazing (glass) in the building design to ensure sustainable development.

And with so many people living, working and recreating in the Central City, parking must be managed. The CC2035 Plan includes strategies to minimize congestion and proposes investments in bicycle, pedestrian and transit infrastructure for more carbon reductions.

Future Work Sessions

Additional work sessions will cover more Central City 2035 elements.

  • Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 5 p.m.
  • Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 4 p.m.
  • Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 5 p.m.
  • Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 5 p.m.

All work sessions will be held at 1900 SW 4th Ave, Suite 2500A. Please check the PSC calendar to confirm time and location prior to each work session.

During the November 16 work session, the PSC will discuss river-related topics, such as river setbacks and required vegetation, as well as proposals for new transportation projects and street designations.

Come the new year, Commissioners will continue their work sessions on January 24, starting with the bonus and transfer system and other remaining topics.

Stay tuned for similar stories on this blog about future work session topics prior to the PSC meetings.