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Portland City Council approves pilot deconstruction program

Pilot program will provide deconstruction training, education, technical assistance and financial incentives for innovative projects.

On June 3, Portland City Council unanimously approved a resolution instructing the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) to establish a pilot program to advance deconstruction (disassembly of structures in order to salvage materials for reuse).  Mayor Hales said that Council is committed to moving fast on this issue. He also reiterated that the Portland community has shown a strong interest in moving in the direction of deconstruction as one of the ways to help address the recent increase in neighborhood demolition rates.

Members of Council and some testifiers also highlighted many of the benefits of deconstruction, including an increase in the amount of recovered materials that may be re-purposed and diverted from landfills, preservation of historic features and materials, a decrease in exposure to hazardous materials such as asbestos, and reduction of carbon emissions. .

The pilot program will provide deconstruction training, education, technical assistance and financial incentives for innovative projects. Deconstruction classes are scheduled to commence this fall, and BPS is expected to report back to Council on program status and next steps in January 2016. The pilot is funded through a grant from the Solid Waste Management Fund reserve, administered by BPS.

The design and execution of the pilot program will be conducted with continued discussion and input from the Deconstruction Advisory Group (DAG), convened in April. The group includes a wide range of experts including deconstruction contractors, salvage retail outlets, historic preservationists, developers, a recycler/hauler, the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), Mayor’s office, and Metro staff, as well as members of the Development Review Advisory Committee (DRAC) and United Neighbors for Reform.

More information about the Deconstruction Advisory Group, meeting minutes, calendar, and contact information are all available on the BPS website at To learn more about deconstruction, please visit the Construction & Demolition Debris section of the BPS website.

URL for full video of City Council proceedings:


PSC News: June 23, 2015 Meeting Recap

Revised Growth Scenarios Report — hearing; Comprehensive Plan — work session


  • Revised Growth Scenarios Report — heraing / recommendation
  • Comprehensive Plan — work session

Meeting files

An archive of meeting minutes and documents of all Planning and Sustainability Commission meetings are available at

Draft code changes for accessory structures available for review

New rules proposed for the size, design and location of garages, ADUs, and other accessory structures

What do trellises, ADA ramps, air conditioning units and garages have in common? They’re all what’s called an “accessory structure” — or a smaller structure that’s an “accessory” to a house or residence. The City regulates their size, location and mass to minimize impacts on neighbors.

Through the Accessory Structures Zoning Code Update project, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is revising the City’s Zoning Code for accessory structures. It focuses on detached residential structures such as garages, storage sheds, home offices and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as well as decks, trellises, ADA ramps and mechanical equipment. The new regulations will streamline regulations by emphasizing form (setbacks, height and bulk) over function (how the accessory structure is used) while continuing to address impacts on neighboring properties. 

The public is invited to review the Discussion Draft for the Accessory Structures Zoning Code Update.

The proposed amendments in the Discussion Draft will:

  • Expand the exemption that allows small one-story garages in side and rear setbacks to all detached covered accessory structures.
  • Set a building height maximum of 20 feet for all detached covered structures.
  • Require all detached covered accessory structures over 15 feet in height to meet revised compatibility standards.

The project focuses on detached accessory structures in residential zones, but code amendments are proposed within all the base zones as well as the accessory dwelling unit chapter in the Zoning Code.

The Accessory Structures Zoning Code Update Discussion Draft contains the staff proposal for code amendments and corresponding commentary.

A two-page summary provides a brief overview of the project and code changes, as well as a timeline for the review and hearing process.

Learn more at an open house

Project staff will hold an open house on July 9 from 5:30 - 8 p.m. to answer questions about the Discussion Draft. The open house will be in the Development Services Building, 1900 SW 4th Ave, Room 2500B (2nd floor).

Staff will also be making short presentations at neighborhood district coalition offices; check the Meetings and Events calendar for more information. 

Public comments on the Discussion Draft will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, July 24, 2015.

Next Steps

Staff will consider public comments on the Discussion Draft when developing the Proposed Draft. The Proposed Draft will be presented to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) later in the summer, with an anticipated public hearing date in September. After hearing public testimony, the PSC will forward a recommendation to City Council for consideration and additional public review before final adoption.

Please check the Meetings and Events calendar for details on upcoming events.

No rate increase for garbage and recycling

80% of residents will see their rates stay the same, the others will see a slight decrease. See message in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Ukrainian or Vietnamese below.

For the third year in a row, Portland residents will not see a rate increase on their monthly garbage and recycling bills. Due to declining fuel prices and more efficient collection practices, rates will remain the same for most customers and will decrease for about 20 percent.

Learn more about rates by visiting or by calling your garbage and recycling company.

View a Guide to Garbage, Recycling and Composting Collection at


عدم رفع رسوم نقل النفايات وإعادة التدوير

سيرى 80% من السكان أن الرسوم التي يدفعونها  ستبقى كما هي، بينما سيرى آخرون أن رسومهم
ستنخفض قليلاً.

للسنة الثالثة على التوالي، لن ير سكان بورتلاند زيادة في الرسم على
فواتيرهم الشهرية بشأن النفايات وإعادة التدوير. نظراً لانخفاض أسعار الوقود
وممارسات فعّالة بشكل أكثر لتجميع النفايات وإعادة التدوير، ستبقى الرسوم كما هي
لمعظم الزبائن وستنخفض حوالي 20 بالمائة لبعض الزبائن الآخرين.

للحصول على مزيد من المعلومات حول الأسعار، تفضّلوا بزيارة الموقع
الإلكتروني  أو الاتصال بشركة النفايات وإعادة التدوير التي
تتعاملون معها.

والكومبوست وإعادة التدوير دليل لمّ ونقل النفايات

Chinese (Simplified)


80% 的居民会发现他们收费标准保持不变,其余居民会发现其收费标准有小幅下降。 

波特兰居民将连续第三年发现他们每月垃圾回收账单上的收费标准未提高。由于燃料价格下降及收集工作更加高效,对大多数客户而言收费标准将保持不变,约 20% 客户的收费标准将会有所下降。

欲了解更多关于收费标准的信息,请登录 或致电您的垃圾回收公司。

垃圾、回收和堆肥收 集指南





 料金について詳しくは、 をご参照いただくか、 またはご利用のゴミ収集業者およびリサイクル業者にお電話でお問い合わせください。

ゴミ、リサイクル、 コンポスティング 回収サービスガイド


Nici o mărire a ratei pentru gunoi sau reciclare.

Pentru 80% din rezidenți nu se va efectua nici o modificare a ratelor, ceilalți vor
observa o ușoară scădere a ratelor.

Pentru al treilea an la rând, rezidenții din Portland nu vor avea o creștere a ratei
lunare la gunoi și reciclare. Datorită prețului scăzut la combustibil și a
metodelor mai eficiente de colectare, ratele vor rămâne neschimbate sau vor
scădea pentru aproximativ 20 la sută.

Aflați mai multe despre rate vizitând sau puteți suna compania dumneavoastră de
colectare și reciclare a gunoiului.



Расценки на вывоз мусора и сдачу материалов на переработку не меняются

Для 80% жителей расценки не изменятся, у остальных жителей расценки на вывоз мусора
немного понизятся.

На протяжении трех лет подряд расценки на вывоз мусора и сдачу материалов на переработку
для жителей Портленда остаются неизменными. В связи со снижением цен на топливо
и более эффективными способами сбора, для большинства клиентов расценки на
вывоз мусора не изменятся, а для 20% клиентов они даже понизятся.

Дополнительную информацию о расценках вы сможете найти на сайте или позвонив в вашу компанию по сбору мусора и материалов на переработку.



Ma jiro qiime koror ku yimid qashinka iyo dib u warshadeynta 

Boqolkiiba 80% dadka degaanka ku nooli waxay arki doonaan qiimaha ay bixinayaan oo
sidiisii hore ahaan doonaa, kuwa kale ayaa arki doona waxoogaa hoos u dhac ah.

Saddex sanno oo xiriir ah, dadka degan Portland ma arki doonaan qiime koror ku yimiday
biilasha qashinkoodii iyo dib u warshadeynta. Iyadoo ay la xiriirto qiimaha
shidaalka ee hoos u dhacaya iyo tayada qashin qaadista, qiimahu sidiisii hore
ayuu u ahaan doonaa inta badan macaamiishay isagoo hoos u dhici doona qiyaastii
boqolkiiba 20.

Wax ka ogow qiimaha adigoo booqanaya ama adigoo wacaya shirkadooda qashinka iyo dib u




No aumentarán las tarifas para la recolección de basura y reciclables

Para el 80% de los residentes, las tarifas seguirán siendo las mismas,
para el resto, disminuirán ligeramente.

Por tercer año consecutivo, los residentes de Portland notarán que en
sus facturas mensuales de recolección de basura y reciclables, las tarifas no
han aumentado. Debido a la disminución de los precios de combustibles y a
prácticas de recolección más eficaces, las tarifas seguirán siendo las mismas
para la mayoría de los clientes y para un 20 por ciento aproximadamente,

Infórmese más sobre las tarifas ingresando a o llamando por teléfono a la compañía de
recolección de basura y reciclaje de su zona.



Тарифи на вивіз сміття і утилю не зростатимуть

80% мешканців не матимуть змін у тарифах, а на інших чекає незначне зменшення

Третій рік поспіль мешканці Портленда не матимуть тарифних змін у своїх щомісячних
рахунках за вивіз сміття і утилю. Завдяки зменшенню цін на паливо та більш
ефективним методам збирання, для більшості мешканців тарифи залишаться на
такому ж самому рівні, а для біля 20% мешканців тарифи зменшаться.

Дізнайтеся більше про тарифи на сайті або зателефонуйте у свою компанію зі збору сміття
і утилю.



Không tăng giá đối với các dịch vụ đổ rác và tạp liệu tái chế biến

80% dân cư sẽ thấy giá biểu dịch vụ dành cho họ vẫn giữ nguyên, những người khác sẽ
thấy có sự giảm nhẹ.

Trong năm thứ ba liên tiếp, dân cư vùng Portland sẽ không thấy có sự gia tăng giá biểu
trong các hóa đơn đổ rác và tạp liệu tái chế biến hàng tháng của họ. Do giá
xăng dầu giảm và các áp dụng thu gom hiệu quả hơn, các giá biểu sẽ vẫn được giữ
nguyên cho hầu hết khách hàng, và sẽ giảm xuống cho khoảng 20 phần trăm khách

Hãy vào thăm trang web này để tìm hiểu thêm về các giá biểu hoặc gọi điện thoại cho công ty đổ rác và tạp liệu
tái chế biến của quý vị.