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Neighborhood information sessions for shelter code update

Staff will provide a summary of possible code changes prior to the release of the Proposed Draft

Staff from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability are providing an overview of potential zoning code amendments that will change how some shelters and housing projects will be reviewed. These changes are to address the City Council's resolution directing us to 'simplify regulations, remove regulatory obstacles, and expedite processes for land use reviews and permits for affordable housing projects, mass shelters, and short-term housing.' Although some of these overviews have already taken place, several more are scheduled. You can check with the corresponding neighborhood or district coalition offices, or with project staff for details. Staff anticipates that a Proposed Draft of code changes will be available the week of August 8.

July 11 @ 6 p.m. – East Portland Action Plan Housing Subcommittee, 1017 NE 117th Ave. 

July 18 @ 7 p.m. Southeast Uplift Coalition Transportation and Land Use Subcommittee, 3534 SE Main St. 

July 27 @ 7 p.m.  Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods Transportation and Land Use Subcommittee, 4815 NE 7th Ave. 

July 28 @ 7 p.m.  North Portland Neighborhood Services Coalition Transportation and Land Use Subcommittee, 8105 N Brandon St.

Sep 8 @ 7 p.m.  Central Northeast Neighborhood Coalition Transportation and Land Use Subcommittee 4415 NE 87th Ave.

PSC News: July 26, 2016 Meeting Recap

Miscellaneous Zoning Code Amendments — hearing/recommendation; Central City 2035 Plan — hearing; Mixed Use Zones project — work session


  • Task 5: Miscellaneous Zoning Code Amendments — hearing / recommendation
  • Central City 2035 Plan — hearing
  • Mixed Use Zones Project — work session

Meeting files

An archive of meeting minutes and documents of all Planning and Sustainability Commission meetings are available at

Ask the Curbside Hotline Operator: Are there any plastic lids that I can add to my recycling bin?

How to properly recycle plastic lids.

Plasic lids with red X

Are there any plastic lids that I can add to my recycling bin?

No. Plastic lids of any kind – including those on coffee cups, drink cups and yogurt containers – are not accepted in the blue Portland Recycles! roll cart.

Since plastic lids tend to be small, thin and easily hidden by other materials in the mixed recycling container, they need to be left out of the blue Portland Recycles! roll cart. At sorting facilities, plastic lids combine with paper and cardboard as they make their way along the conveyor belts and can end up in bales. Since all recycling materials are sold as a commodity, unwanted materials make those bales harder to sell and, therefore, harder to actually recycle into new paper products.

You can collect small plastic items, like lids, to dispose of at a recycling depot. Find a depot near you through Metro’s Find a Recycler resource.

Need more reminders for common items?
Check out the blog post about what and why to keep some items out of your recycling container.

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What’s changed from the Discussion Draft Central City 2035 Plan?

The Discussion Draft Central City 2035 Plan (CC2035) was the culmination of over five years of work and public involvement. Following the release of the CC2035 Discussion Draft in February, hundreds of people attended open houses and drop-in hours on both sides of the river. Project staff attended more than 40 meetings with neighborhood associations, property owners and others throughout the Central City. Additionally, community members submitted some 200 written comments and letters.

The project team considered these comments and input from other agencies and organizations to create the Proposed Draft CC2035 Plan. This blog post identifies some of the most significant changes staff have made by topic area.

Download a new handout to learn more details about each item.

Read more about the Central City 2035 Plan.

New in the Proposed Draft


  • Standards that will increase the amount of ground floor windows on buildings and will result in higher quality landscaping in front of buildings.


  • An incentive to create industrial space in the Central Eastside.


  • Building glazing standards to reduce bird strikes.
  • Smaller portion of rooftops required to be covered by ecoroofs to allow more space for other uses.
  • Administrative rule for public trail system impacts.
  • Standards to reduce the impacts of exterior lighting on wildlife.
  • Updated estimate of existing tree canopy coverage based on 2014 LiDAR data.
  • Updated tree canopy projections.


  • Reduced building heights in parts of Goose Hollow and the Central Eastside to protect view corridors.
  • Reduced building heights in historic districts.
  • Reduced building heights on sites adjacent to parks and other open spaces.


  • Updated Central Reach River Overlay Zone boundary.
  • Updated the definition for river-related uses to allow marine passenger terminal development.
  • Expanded provision for retail in open spaces to the Central Eastside.


  • Revised standard allows owners of historic resources to transfer FAR if they sign an agreement to seismically upgrade their building.


  • Updated policies, targets, studies and projects for the Transportation System Plan.
  • Designates the Central City as a Multimodal Mixed-Use Area.
  • Removed previously proposed Transportation and Parking Demand Management code.
  • Updated maximum parking ratio table.
  • New uses now require a Central City Parking Review.


The Proposed Draft marks the beginning of the formal public legislative process. There are many more opportunities to be heard and have an impact. Learn more about providing feedback and staying informed.