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Blended Beats

Halloween has passed, but that lingering strung-out look remains in the eyes of little children here and there—the aftermath of too much sugar. But some kids this season avoided the “Halloween hangover” all together by trading in their candy for smoothies. Not just any smoothies, purple pedal power berry bicycle blended smoothies. Try saying that ten times fast.

Oh wait, already been done. These Jersey middle schoolers, who’ve starred in past hits such as “I Fell in Love with Broccoli” and “Who Put that Burger on Your Plate?,” highly energized by their all natural sugar substitute, got the juices flowing and added a new hip hop single—“Purple Pedal Power Berry Bicycle Blender”—to their repertoire of chart toppers. Watch out British dairy farmers, Hoboken’s finest are ready to battle any day.

And if you aren’t hip enough to bounce to the beets of the kids on the street, musicians of all genres are simultaneously being inspired to collaborate with carrots, tune tomatoes and rock it with a rutabaga. Veggie music knows no bounds, as these musicians of the Vegetable Orchestra hail from Vienna and play their produce internationally. Their new album, released in the US last week, entitled “Onionoise,” is sure to be a hearty hit. Check out their website for sound samples and watch the video below. Warning: vegetables will be harmed in the instrument making process. 

Nobel Videos and Rappin' Dairy

New videos from The Nobel Conference, Making Food Good. And the Brits rap dairy.

Hot Lips honcho, Dave Yudkin, sent us the link to Marian Nestle’s talk on obesity at The Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College. There are a number of other videos worth watching from their 46th annual conference, Making Food Good, including talks and panel discussions with Francis Moore Lappé, Bina Agarwal and Paul Thompson.

And yo, while we’re talking video, check out the Brits from Yeo Valley Organics rhyming “conservation” with “soil association.” City folk might have ripped-off their milk duds, but lowriders didn’t pinch pancaking from a tricked-out Massey Ferguson. The English make great dairy products. Rapping? Not so much. 

Young Farmers are Mixin' It Up

The Greenhorns are coming to town for a Western Oregon Young Farmer Mixer

What do you get when you gather a hundred farmers in a room? The hoe-down of a century!

Sunday, October 10th, from 3:30- 8:00 p.m., The Greenhorns, will be rearing into town with their Irresistible Fleet ready to pump up the jams, seed some sass(parilla) and chow down to get down for the Western Oregon Young Farmer Mixer. The mixer, co-hosted by Friends of Family Farmers is bound to be celery-bratory affair, especially since it’s happening at the site of one of our Urban Growth Bounty instructors, Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply. To spice it up even more, Salt Fire & Time (another UGB instructor) will be fixin’ up fresh fare grown by young farmers.

Live music, intellectual nourishment and local beer and on tap, with workshops on beneficial insects, farm advocacy, farm planning and marketing, internships and networking for beginning farmers. And, as if this wasn’t enough agri-stimulation, the Greenhorns will be sneak-peak-screening their documentary film on young farmers (check out the trailer here).

So y’all come down, y’hear? The price is right (free), so we’ll see you at Naomi’s, 2500 SE Tacoma St. in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

To Bee or Not To Bee

A pouring rain couldn't kill the buzz at the Queen of the Sun opening on Friday night.

beeA pouring rain couldn’t kill the buzz at the Queen of the Sun opening on Friday night. Crowds waited patiently in line outside of the Hollywood Theater to be the first to see the newest film from local boys Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz. Like their previous film, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, this examination of the precarious life of bees was beautiful and compelling.

Queen of the Sun plays through October 4th at the Hollywood. And if you're inspired to explore the possibility of keeping bees in your backyard, send us an email at We’ll drop you a line when we announce our Urban Growth Bounty classes for 2011 that will include intro classes for budding beekeepers as well as intermediate and advanced sessions.

Check out the video in the lobby on the sold-out opening night. Amongst the sound of popping corn and excited moviegoers, Mayor Adams, who was on hand to introduce the film, talks with Taggart about the effect bees have had on his garden and his bike rides. 

Bee Here Now: Queen of the Sun is the Bee's Knees

Bee Here Now: Portland celebrates the world of bees with the premiere of Queen of the Sun

Queen of the SunWe bumblers at The Plate like a bad pun as much as the next blog, but we’re breaking out in hives as we comb the possibilities in giving you the buzz on Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us? Don’t be skep-tical, but we’ll try not to drone on and wax poetic about swarming to the Hollywood Theater on September 17 for the opening of a beeautiful film from the team that brought you The Real Dirt on Farmer John.

Please. Stop Us Now.

By Portland Proclamation, September 17 is the first day of Honeybee Week and Mayor Sam Adams will be at the Hollywood Theater that night for the 7:30 p.m. screening of Queen of the Sun, a documentary that takes an alternative look at the global honeybee crisis. Filmed all over the world (especially Portland), the movie celebrates the all things bee and features beekeepers, scientists, and philosophers, including Vandana Shiva and Michael Pollen Pollan.

The film will run at the Hollywood until at least October 4 and on most nights between September 17 and September 25, the producer, director and local beekeepers will be in attendance for post-film Q&A sessions. For more info and advance tickets, go to the movie site.

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is proud to be a sponsor of Queen of the Sun. We just wish Sting has done the music.