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Learn about the Comprehensive Plan Update. Find out more through news items, meeting announcements and summaries.

Next Steps for Comprehensive Plan Update

Milestones and events include more opportunities to learn and testify to the Planning and Sustainability Commission and City Council

Portland’s Comprehensive Plan has been guiding the city’s growth and development for more than 30 years. City planners have been working hard to update this long-range plan to ensure the community is prepared to manage expected population and employment growth over the next 25 years.

CPU timelineSomething this important requires robust community participation and plenty of opportunities for all Portlanders’ voices to be heard. Over the past couple of years, City staff have been soliciting public feedback at neighborhood association meetings, open houses, workshops, summer tabling events, community meetings and other events. Public comments have also been received through online surveys and the Map App as well as comment cards, letters and emails.

As we move into the final phases of the project, public input will now be considered through the legislative process — in the form of testimony given at Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) and City Council hearings.

See the timeline and process chart for the remaining phases of the project.

Currently, staff are busy preparing the Proposed Plan, incorporating feedback gathered in the latter half of 2013, which is summarized in the What We Heard memo). The Proposed Plan will be released in July, and Portlanders will be able to submit testimony to the PSC at public hearings held throughout the city, beginning in late September. There will be informational open houses scheduled in July and in early September. After considering public testimony, the PSC will forward a Recommended Plan to City Council for consideration in early 2015.

Included in the Comprehensive Plan update process, some Early Implementation projects have begun. These projects represent the last phase of the state-mandated periodic review work plan. Technical experts and dedicated volunteers have been forming committees to discuss revisions to the zoning code, oversee community involvement processes, refine the Transportation Systems Plan, and more.  The July and September 2014 open houses will include information about Early Implementation projects. Additional outreach for these projects will occur in early 2015, before the PSC and City Council hold hearings on those projects.

Stay tuned for announcements of specific open house dates, as well as information about how you can submit formal testimony to the PSC and City Council. 

Portlanders provide valuable input for the Comprehensive Plan Update

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability received nearly 1,100 comments on the Working Draft – Part 2

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability would like to thank all the Portlanders who shared their feedback on the Citywide Systems Plan and Map App in the Working Draft – Part 2 of the Comprehensive Plan Update. Nearly 1,100 people provided comments from October 2 to December 31, 2013.

The project team is in the process of reading and organizing all the comments and grouping them by topic. This public feedback will help guide planners as they refine the Comprehensive Plan over the next several months before submitting the Proposed Draft to the Planning and Sustainability Commission in the summer. A report summarizing all public comments will be available in the spring.

In addition to comments submitted via the Map App, staff also received feedback through handwritten cards, email correspondence, online submissions through the Comprehensive Plan Update website; in letters from organizations; and at public meetings and workshops.

Map App users made more than 904 comments through the commenting function, where users could “pin” feedback to any area of the interactive map of Portland. The commenting function has been deactivated, but the app’s other features remain accessible and existing comments can still be displayed. Portlanders are encouraged to use the Map App to learn more about their neighborhoods, infrastructure, demographics and other features.

View the Map App

What’s next for the Map App? BPS staff are working to revise and improve the app in preparation for the Comprehensive Plan Proposed Draft in the summer.

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