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The latest news about RICAP 6, including the current workplan and list of potential amendments.

Planning and Sustainability Commission Holds April 22 Public Hearing on Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package

RICAP 6 features amendments addressing short-term rentals

The Planning and Sustainability Commission will hold a hearing on the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package (RICAP 6): Proposed Draft on April 22, beginning at 6p.m. Public testimony on short-term rentals and the other proposed code amendments will be taken at this time.

The Proposed Draft was refined based upon input received over seven weeks of outreach during the review of the Discussion Draft. While RICAP 6 includes more than 40 code amendments based on public requests, including improvements to wireless facilities and clarifying regulations on temporary activities such as construction staging, emergency situations and on-site filming, the greatest interest expressed by Portlanders was on the proposed new regulations around short-term rentals.  A summary memo of the feedback on the initial short-term rental proposal captures the key ideas in support of and opposition to the proposed code amendments and contains staff's responses to questions and concerns.  

Information on the Public Hearing on RICAP 6

Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission - Public Hearing
Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 6 p.m.
1900 SW 4th Ave, 2nd Floor, Room 2500A

Testimony on the  RICAP 6 package will be taken starting at approximately 6:15 p.m. Testimony about topics other than the short-term rental proposal will be taken first, with testimony and commission deliberation on the proposed short-term rental regulations following a recommendation on the other topics.

View the agenda:
View the Proposed Draft:
For detailed instructions on submitting testimony:

RICAP 6 Proposed Draft Released for Public Comment

A wide range of Zoning Code amendments is headed to the Planning and Sustainability Commission for a public hearing

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability has released the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package 6 (RICAP 6): Proposed Draft in preparation for the upcoming Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) public hearing on April 22, 2014. 

This Proposed Draft updates the public Discussion Draft, released in January. The Proposed Draft includes staff consideration of the many comments received over the seven-week outreach period. The bulk of the public comments were on the code amendments addressing short-term rentals. A summary of the feedback on the initial short-term rental proposal is available and contains City staff’s responses to these issues.

Public Hearing on RICAP 6
Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission – Public Hearing

Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 6 p.m.
1900 SW 4th Ave, 2nd Floor, Room 2500A

View the agenda:

View the Proposed Draft:

For detailed instructions on submitting testimony:

The project team will brief the Planning and Sustainability Commission on the short-term rental proposed amendments on April 8 at 12:30 p.m. No public testimony will be taken at the briefing, but the public is welcome to listen to the staff presentation and hear what questions the commissioners are asking. The briefing will be in the same location as the public hearing noticed above.

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Considers Public Input to Prepare the RICAP 6 Proposed Draft

Short term rentals tops the list of public comments

After six weeks of outreach including many meetings and conversations with neighborhood associations and community groups as well as an open house, the public comment period for the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package 6 (RICAP 6) - Discussion Draft was closed on February 21. The project team is currently reviewing all of the comments as they develop the Proposed Draft.

The bulk of the comments received were related to the regulatory changes for short term rentals. Staff are preparing a summary of these comments, which will be available with the release of the Proposed Draft. Other comments fell outside of the scope of the issues being considered under RICAP 6; they may be considered as part of the Comprehensive Plan Update or entered into our Regulatory Improvement database for consideration in future code amendment projects.

The RICAP 6 Proposed Draft will be released by March 21 and posted on the project website. This is staff's proposal to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC), which will hold a public hearing on the proposal on April 22 at 6 p.m. Public testimony will be accepted. Prior to the hearing, staff will brief the PSC about short term rentals at their April 8 meeting. You can find more information about the hearings process on the PSC's webpage.

Standing Room Only at RICAP 6 Open House

Short term rental proposal steals the show, but there’s still time to submit your comments on the code amendment Discussion Draft

It was standing room only at the RICAP 6 Open House on Feb. 11, 2014, as the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Code Development Team presented information and fielded questions and comments on the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package (RICAP) proposals. While the RICAP 6 Discussion Draft comprises 45 issues ranging from minor clarifications to fence regulations to more substantive changes to wireless facility requirements, the overwhelming interest was focused on the short term rental regulations.

Staff opened the meeting with a short presentation about the RICAP 6 process and timeline, and opportunities to get involved moving forward. The presentation then shifted to short term rentals: what they are, the current regulations that apply to them, and the proposal to address one- and two-bedroom operations in residential zones.

Staff from the Revenue Bureau and Bureau of Development Services were also on hand to help explain the existing transient lodging tax requirements and code compliance process.

Attendees included people interested in starting their own short term rental operation, those who are or had been operating a short term rental, and neighbors concerned about potential impacts from these operations. Staff heard questions about impacts to affordable housing and requirements for neighbor notification and hosting, as well as concerns about safety and security for both visiting guests and other residents in the neighborhood. Some also expressed concern about existing limits on allowed social gatherings for properties that are running a short term rental. Some attendees felt that the proposal did not go far enough in addressing absentee whole-house short term vacation rentals (which are prohibited), while others felt that the proposal was going too far by placing restrictions on the one- and two-bedroom operations.

Comments on this and the other 44 issues in the RICAP 6 Discussion Draft can be submitted until Feb. 21, 2014. Staff will then review, analyze, and incorporate feedback into a Proposed Draft to be released in March. The Planning and Sustainability Commission will hold a public hearing and take testimony on April 22, 2014. After that they will make their recommendation to City Council, who will hold an additional public hearing in late spring.

For more information

RICAP 6 (Bureau of Planning and Sustainability) or call 503-823-6879

Transient Lodging Tax Information (Revenue Bureau) or 503-823-5157

Current Zoning Regulations (Bureau of Development Services) or 503-823-7526

Regulatory Round Up: February 11 Open House To Share Ideas for Code Improvements

Public invited to learn about and comment on new code amendment packages for short-term rentals, commercial filming, wireless services and more

On Tuesday, February 11, project staff will host an open house to share information about new regulations for short-term rentals and other code revisions, including:

  • Wireless service facilities
  • Commercial filming
  • Temporary construction staging
  • Historic review for resources in the public right-of-way
  • 20 other code clarification items

The focus of the first hour of the open house will be on new rules for short-term rentals, defined as one or two bedrooms rented to nightly visitors by residents living in their home. Staff will give a short presentation on proposed changes to the bed and breakfast regulations at 5:15 p.m., followed by a question and answer session. Participants will then be able to discuss any of the other items in the code amendment package with staff around the room.

RICAP 6 Open House, 1900 SW 4th Ave, Rm 2500B
Tuesday, February 11

5 p.m. – 6 p.m Short Term Rental presentation
6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. General Open House
The first hour will include a presentation and Q&A session about short-term rentals, followed by an open house format about all the amendment packages.

The open house will allow participants to learn about and submit comments on the proposed amendments, as well as next steps in the process. Deadline for comments is February 21. Staff will then incorporate public input into the Proposed Draft, which will be released in March for the Planning and Sustainability Commission's consideration.

The proposed amendments are part of the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package (RICAP). This new package constitutes the sixth round (RICAP 6) of these relatively quick code fixes in response to community input. Unlike other regulatory improvement projects, RICAPs are limited to technical corrections and clarification of existing code, along with minor changes of existing policy.

Download the RICAP 6 Discussion Draft

Download a Summary of the 45 Items being considered

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