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The workplan for RICAP 8 was considered by the Planning and Sustainability Commission at a public hearing on April 28, 2015. The workplan includes 37 items that will be evaluated for potential code amendments.

The 37 items fall into two groups:

  1. Minor Policy Items that may affect existing policy, for example by expanding or restricting allowed uses, changing the review type or procedure for land use applications, or revising development standards. RICAP 8 has 13 minor policy items that will addresses land divisions, lot conformations, radio frequency regulations, property line adjustments, and small signs in Historic Districts.
  2. Technical Corrections, Clarifications, and Consistency Items where the particular requirement is unclear, or the regulations are in conflict with other sections of the code. There are 24 miscellaneous technical corrections in RICAP 8, including 10 technical issues related to the new tree code.

Specific code amendment proposals will be included in a public discussion draft to be published August 29, 2016. The discussion draft will also include several new items that have been identified since consideration of the original workplan

In addition to commenting on the discussion draft, continued opportunities for feedback will be available as the document is revised through hearings before the PSC and City Council in late 2016 and early 2017.

Staff Contact
Kathryn Hartinger, City Planner, 503-823-9714,

RICAP 8 Discussion Draft

Draft of code amendments for public outreach

RICAP 8 Discussion Draft Summary

4-page handout summarizing items included in the Discussion Draft

RICAP 8 Notice of Proposed Workplan

Notice for the Planning and Sustainability Commission hearing on the workplan

RICAP 8 Proposed Workplan

The Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) will consider this proposed workplan on April 28th. No code amendments or specific changes are being proposed at this time. The PSC is being asked to approve the list of items to be further evaluated

RICAP 8 Workplan Appendix

Full database list of technical and minor policy items considered for RICAP 8

RICAP 8 Workplan Summary

A 2-page summary of the 37 items to be evaluated as part of the RICAP 8 workplan