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Inclusionary Housing Zoning Code Documents

Draft Inclusionary Housing Title 33 Code Concept

Code concept to establish a new chapter in the Zoning Code that will implement a development standard with new requirements for new developments with more than 20 dwelling units on one site

Draft Inclusionary Housing Zoning Code Concept

Presented before the Affordable Housing Panel of Experts in July 2016, this presentation lays out a Zoning Code Concept developed by the staff to help understand the relationship between the code concept and the Inclusionary Housing program

Inclusionary Housing Program Development Overview

Presentation by the Portland Housing Bureau presented before the Affordable Housing Panel of Experts. Provides a summary of the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program and a program development framework, with a timeline for deliverables

Tax Increment Financing Set-Aside Policy for Affordable Housing

The Tax Increment Financing Set-Aside Policy establishes a funding source for affordable rental housing and homeownership, and sets a minimum of 45% of urban renewal funds for affordable housing

Comprehensive Inclusionary Housing Program Development Framework

Compiled by the Portland Housing Bureau, this memorandum outlines an overview of the program development framework with a timeline and deliverables, and a list of housing experts who will serve on the panel of housing experts

Senate Bill 1533

SB 1533 lifts the state preemption on Inclusionary Zoning in Oregon. Senate Bill 1533 was adopted in the 78th Oregon Legislative Assembly, 2016 Regular Session

Central City Density Bonus and Entitlement Transfer Mechanism Update

This report provides a feasibility analysis for an update to the Central City’s density bonus and entitlement transfer mechanism in order to achieve more substantial results from bonuses for affordable housing

Construction Excise Tax Portland Housing Bureau Presentation

Establish a Construction Excise Tax to fund affordable housing initiatives from an Inclusionary Housing Fund

General Obligation Fund for Affordable Housing

This measure filed with the Elections Office of the City of Portland will authorize $258,400,000 in general obligation bonds for affordable housing. It will appear on the ballot in the November 2016 General Election

Resolution No. 37187

Establishes the charge for mandating an inclusionary housing ordinance and its development as a tool through engaging in community wide data driven discussion about inclusionary housing