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Barbur Concept Plan Community Working Group

The role of the Community Working Group (CWG) is to help guide the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (PBPS) and Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) for the Barbur Concept Plan by providing feedback on project materials, proposals and processes.

About CWG Members

The CWG is representative of area stakeholders, including broad representation of the southwest residents, institutions, neighborhoods, and businesses. The CWG will review and inform project information, products, and public involvement processes throughout the project. CWG members will serve as liaisons between their respective communities/agencies and the City. PBPS and PBOT will maintain communication with CWG members and integrate feedback from the CWG into project materials and development of proposals and products.

CWG members will be expected to:

  • Attend approximately 15 CWG meetings over the course of 18 months,

  • Review project materials in advance of meetings,

  • Consult with members of their individual organizations on how to best represent their views, concerns and recommendations at the CWG,

  • Provide regular updates to their individual organizations on the project, project events, and the results of CWG meetings, and

  • Help to distribute invitations to open houses and other broader public events.

The CWG will be invited to, and hopefully assist with, hosting the neighborhood walks and three public open houses.

At each meeting working group members will have the opportunity to comment and provide feedback on a group of draft project documents, and the City will record participant comments so that the City and Consultant are able to revise the respective project documents in response to comments. The first meeting was held on September 15, 2011. The City will endeavor to schedule CWG meetings at times and in locations that are convenient for members, and in a timely manner for review of project materials. Refreshments will be provided.

Community Working Group (CWG) Membership

In addition to PBPS and PBOT, the following representatives and interests are participating in the Barbur Concept Plan Community Working Group:

Name (alternate) Interest

Roger Averbeck

Willamette Pedestrian Coalition,

SWNI Transportation Committee,

Ashcreek Neighborhood Association

Don Baack

Elderly, Pedestrian

Glenn Bridger

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Laura Campos

People of Color

Jim Gardner

South Portland Neighborhood Assoc.

John Garner


Bill Garyfallou

Property Owner

John Gibbon

SWNI Land Use Committee

Mara Gross

Coalition for a Livable Future

Keil Johnson

(Phil Richman)

Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Scott McClain

Markham Neighborhood Assoc. Disabilities

Sandy Morgan

South Burlingame Neighborhood Assoc.

Linda Niles - Resigned

Crestwood Neighborhood Association

Terri Preeg Riggsby

Tryon Creek Watershed Council

Joseph Readdy

Homestead Neighborhood Association

Duncan Roberts - Resigned

Business owner

Chris Smith

Planning and Sustainability Commission

Ken Williams

(Victoria Knapp)

Business Owner

Sally Willson

West Portland Park Neighborhood Assoc.

Michelle George - Resigned

Education/Lewis and Clark

Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Membership

A technical group was also formed to help inform the project from the following agencies:

Name Organization

John Gillam

Bureau of Transportation

Shannon Axtel/Amin Wahab

Bureau of Environmental Services

Bret Horner

Portland Parks Bureau

Kristin Cooper

Bureau of Development Services

David Sheern

Housing Bureau

Jeri Williams

Office of Neighborhood Involvement


Portland Development Commission

Dave Unsworth


Lidwein Rahman

Oregon Department of Transportation

Malu Wilkinson


Ann Debbautt

Department of Land Conservation and Development

Christa Gardner


Chris Yake


Judith Gray

City of Tigard

Marianne Fitzgerald


Moriah McSharry McGrath

Multnomah Co. Health Dept.

If you have any questions please contact Jay Sugnet at 503-823-5869 or