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Bureau of Technology Services

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Altiris FAQs

Altiris Permissions and Procedures
Who will have access to my machine using the Altiris tools?
Only qualified IT staff designated and approved by the Bureau of Technology Services may provide hardware and software support.  These individuals are identified as Help Desk, Technical Services, and Technical Support staff.  The appropriate IT staff will be given permissions to use the tools based on their job roles and responsibilities.
Are there policies and procedures for IT staff to follow in using the Altiris tools?
Yes.  There are some draft written policies and procedures created for use of the Altiris tools.  Formalized processes, policies, and procedures are in still in development.  
Altiris Remote Control
How will I know when a remote control session in progress?  What will I see?
When a remote control session is initiated from IT staff you will see a pop-up box appear on your desktop requesting your approval for remote access.  The remote control session does not begin until you have clicked on the button to approve.
How will I know that a remote control session has ended?
It is a written policy that IT staff will communicate with you that the session has ended.
Altiris Inventory
What information is collected in inventory?
Information about your computer’s hardware and software are collected and stored in the Altiris database.  This detailed information may include, but is not limited to:  hard drive size, memory, processor speed, software type, software version, and software service pack.
What is this inventory information used for?
The inventory information assists BTS and bureaus with making software and hardware budgeting and purchasing decisions.  It also assists with identifying the need for additional software licensing.  Information about software versions and service packs helps to identify upgrade needs.  Additionally, this information assists us with answering your questions and troubleshooting your computer problems remotely.
How does inventory collection help me?
Inventory collection provides IT staff with up-to-date information at our fingertips about your computer’s hardware and installed software.  It is no longer necessary for us to physically visit your computer and / or rely on manually collected data to assist you with your hardware and software questions and resolve your computer problems.  Additionally, from the information we collect we can identify hardware and software upgrade and update needs more proactively.
Altiris Software Distribution
What is software distribution?
Software distribution tools provides IT staff with the ability to remotely install software and updates to your computer and /or many computers at the same time.  This is the most significant time and resource saving tool in the Altiris Client Management Suite.  It allows for freedom in remotely distributing software to many computers (identified as collections).  Additionally, this provides for consistency of software installations because the same software configuration or update is applied from a central distribution point to all the computers identified in the collection.
Altiris Imaging / System Deployment
What is imaging / system deployment?
Imaging tools automate the tasks for new pc setups.  The imaging tool provides the ability to automate setups by cloning a computer’s hardware, software, and personal settings for application to another computer.