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CGIS Service Catalog


 Service Name

 Corporate GIS

BTS Service Owner

Matt Freid Corporate GIS Manager - Business Solutions Division

Service Description

The Corporate Geographic Information System (CGIS) Program includes a portfolio of systems that manage information linked to a specific location or geographic area. GIS tools are commonly used for:

  • Scientific investigations

  • Resource management

  • Asset management

  • Urban planning

  • Criminology

  • Public safety and logistics

Key CGIS applications include: 


The Enterprise GIS Hub provides a central repository to organize, manage, and protect City spatial data.  Corporate and bureau-specific spatial data is housed on the Hub so that it can be accessed by custom applications and spatial analysis tools in use in the bureau where the data is created and by others throughout the City.       


The PortlandMaps application provides web/browser based access to City GIS data and applications 


Desktop and mobile GIS applications extend the availability of GIS data gathering and analysis capabilities from the office to the field.

Included Service Features (included at standard cost)

Corporate GIS Hub (Data Services) provides:

  • High availability of hub to internal, desktop clients and internal/external web clients.

  • Timely, accurate update of corporate and bureau data.

  • Timely, accurate export of hub data for mobile users.

  • Timely update of new hub data (such as LiDAR, aerial photography).

  • Provides infrastructure for the maintenance and dissemination of metadata.

  • Provides ETL (Extract, Transfer and Load) infrastructure for hub data for internal and external customers.

Enterprise Software Management Services provide:

  • Management of server/client GIS software and environment for consistency and currency in software versions.

  • Support for bureau use and deployment of GIS client customizations.

  • Coordination of procedures for supporting GIS client environment across the city.

  • ELA (Enterprise Licensing Agreement) management between City and ESRI.

Server Based Applications Services

  • Provides ongoing enhancements to PortlandMaps.

  • Maintains ArcGIS Server test environment.

  • Supports APIs into the Corporate GIS Hub (usable to applications both internal and external to the city network).

  • Provides programming services for enhancement of web applications (PortlandMaps & ArcGIS Server).

Client Based Applications

  • Provides supports for widespread deployment of MapWorks for casual user GIS access.

  • Assists with end-user documentation and support documentation.

  • Provides programming services for enhancement of desktop applications (ArcGIS and MapWorks).

Mobile / Field Enabled Applications

  • Provides support for mobile deployment of MapWorks on mobile devices.

  • Assists with creation of tools and processes for updating data and applications on mobile devices.

  • Provides programming services for enhancement of applications for mobile use (MapWorks.

 Ticket escalation

Tickets originating from a Bureau GIS user will first be assigned to the Bureau GIS support group. If that group is not able to resolve it then the ticket will be assigned to the CGIS Support group. Bureau support staff has the ability to see all tickets in the CGIS support queue.  


System Issue Notification

If CGIS becomes aware of a critical system issue either through its monitoring system or HelpDesk ticket, CGIS will first diagnose the problem and then send appropriate email notification to the affected group or groups.  Emails will contain a general message describing the problem; the application(s) likely affected and estimated time to remedy. If during the diagnosis, the problem is found and resolved quickly CGIS will only send out a “system-up” email.

Billable Service Features (not included in the standard cost)

In addition to supporting the core program Corporate GIS staff is also available for billable project services.  At manager discretion staff are available to consult on new projects for up to 3 hours to assist in scoping and feasibility analysis.  Continuing beyond this limit will require the submission of a project request  and the creation of a internal order for billing.  


Hourly rates for Business Solutions staff are listed at:

Customer Responsibilities

  • Comply with Corporate Technical Standards

  • Utilize CGIS resources and technology

  • Provide support for end users using ESRI GIS software

  • Appoint one representative to serve as the main contact with CGIS

  • Participate in Citywide planning

  • Fund internal GIS programs

  • Maintain data to Corporate and Bureau standards

Service Hours, Support and Scope

  • Standard Service hours are 8am-5pm Monday – Friday. 

  • After hours support is “best effort” only.

  • Services available to all city bureaus

  • Please contact the BTS HelpDesk  503-823-5199

Service Level Targets

  • 99.9% uptime for GIS services, ArcGIS Toolbox, CGIS Loader Tools, Mapworks, PortlandMaps (Annual average excluding schedule maintenance downtime)

  • 99% timely completion of weekly cadastre, assessor updates

  • 99% timely completion of HUB data updates

  • 100% timely completion of annual aerial photo updates

  • Average customer satisfaction rating of 4 or higher (Scale of 1-5 ) on the BTS Customer Satisfaction survey

Service Initiation

  • To become a CGIS Stakeholder, contact the Corporate GIS Program Manager or your Technology Business Consultant

  • Service request must be made by a bureau authorized individual (BTS Liaison or GIS Stakeholder )  

  • Primary governance provided by CGIS Stakeholder group 

  • Duration between request and project implementation will vary according to the nature of the request priorities set by the CGIS stakeholder group, and resource availability