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Week ending 3/19/2010

Module    Change / Update

Creates necessary configuration changes to add equipment usage secondary cost elements to billing process. Addresses ticket 56541.



Wage Type 0MD0 (Modified Duty) is added in Deferred compensation includable wages as of Pay-Period 06-2010 (03/04/2010) per ticket 73973.



Add four new Parks sites where their Fixed Assets are found.  Addresses ticket 75098.



Creation of new Intangible Asset Classes required for CAFR Reporting.

P1-FA-New Intangible Asset Classes

P1-FA-New Intangible Asset Classes, Acct Assign

P1-FA-New Intangible Asset Classes, Depr Keys

P1-FA-New Intangible Asset Classes, Asset Types

P1-FA-Corr AMR Layout, Classes 620000 & 820000

P1-FA-Block Asset Class 120000, Corr Default Depre Keys



Remove obsolete budget to actual reports from production - transactions Y_DRP_63000003 Expenditure status report; Y_DRP_63000004 COP Budget Report; Y_DRP_63000005 COP Budget Actual Reports per ticket 74182.



Add new procurement bureau name, instructions to vendors, and title of purchasing signature authority to the PO print form. Addresses ticket 66508.



This transport will change the Date Specification sub type “Date Last Worked” to “Date Last Paid” per ticket 74709.



This transport will allow search by Social Security Number within the SAP match code for roles that can see SSN in info type 0002 Personal Data. Ability to see the data will be based on the Structural Authorization applied and limited by bureau except for roles in BHR. Per ticket 73726.



Added PY-Payroll Reviewer role, allows lead timekeepers access to detailed payroll information needed for addressing employee pay questions.



This transport adds back the rate for 2009 of $0.55 per mile. Addresses ticket 75318.



Change makes vacation payout at employee's death exempt from withholding tax - 7Q06 (Sick Leave Payout Death), 7Q07 (Vacation Payout Death). Central payroll had workaround for this previously.



Taxability specification has been changed, from regular rate to supplemental rate (25% Fed, 9% OR), for these following wage types effective from pay-period 06 - 2010 (03/04/2010). Addresses ticket 70197 so Central payroll does not need to do workaround.

7Q00 (Sick Leave Payout)

7Q01 (Vacation Payout)

7Q02 (Fire Banking Hours)

7Q04 (Comp Time Payout)

7Q05 (Deferred Holiday Payoff)

7Q06 (Sick Leave Payout Death)

7Q07 (Vacation Payout Death)



Fixes overtime calculation for DCTU employees so that overtime over 16 hours is paid at 2 times, per ticket 66269



Wage type 0CLN is used to off-set any negative retros. Currently this wage type is also mapped to Union due base bucket and PERS bucket. This mapping is causing additional employee deductions. These changes are effective from 01/01/2010, it will fix this problem and this wage type will no longer add to these cumulations bases.



Applied patch to fix invalid outputs while searching for transactions in role using SUIM.