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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

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(PA) Personnel Administration

Operating Bureau Personnel Administrator (OBPA)

Operating Bureau Personnel Administrator (OBPA) (RP_S_PA_OPERATING_BUREAU_PERSO)

The Operating Bureau Personnel Administrator (OBPA) performs most of the bureau's employee transaction functions in SAP. New hires, separations, leaves of absence, and employee changes are all performed by the OBPA. The OBPA is responsible for the day-to-day operation of employee data management in SAP. 

They run actions (PA40), update and/or read master data (PA30 & PA20) as well as run reports for their department.

Web-Based Training, Job Aids, Reports, and Work Instructions

HR Master Data Training

Job Aids

Create vs. Change

HCM Infotypes

Infotypes in Actions

IT0008 Basic Pay Change Business Scenarios

IT0008 Basic Pay Fields

IT0008 Basic Pay72-79 Tip Sheet with Percentages

IT0019 Monitoring of Tasks 6-2009

IT0040 Objects on Loan 6-2009

IT0041 Date Specifications

IT0094 Residence Status / I-9 Tracking by Bureaus

OM Prerequisites for PA Actions

SAP Action Reason Codes 1-2013

SAP Enterprise Structure July 2014


PA10 Display HR Personnel File

PA20 Display HR Master Data

PC00_M02_LINFO Display Infotype Overview for Employees

S_AHR_61015516 Vacancy Report

S_AHR_61016129 Flexible Employee Data Report

S_L9C_94000095 Display Headcount Changes

S_PH0_48000450 Display Date Monitoring Report

ZHR_DATEJOBCLS Job Class Anniversary Date Report

Work Instructions

PA30 Create Object Manager Hit List

PA30 Delimiting IT2012 Time Transfer Specification (SWITCH) Records

PA30 Maintain HR Master Data - Change

PA30 Maintain HR Master Data - Delimit

PA30 Maintain HR Master Data - Update

PA40 Change in Pay - Non-Rep

PA40 Employee to Working Retiree Benefits Eligible

PA40 End of Temp Appt - Current Employee

PA40 End of Temp Appt - New Hire

PA40 Enter Personnel Action - New Hire

PA40 Extension of Temp Appt

PA40 Layoff

PA40 Leave of Absence

PA40 Limited Term Duration - New Hire

PA40 Over/Under/Lateral Fill - Temp Appt

PA40 Regular Action

PA40 Rehire

PA40 Retirement

PA40 Return from Leave of Absence

PA40 Separation

PA40 Status Change 80 to 72 in Pay Grade

PA40 Status Change 80 to 72 in Pay Scale

PA40 Status Change FT to PT in Pay Grade

PA40 Status Change FT to PT in Pay Scale

PA40 Status Change

PA40 Temporary Actions Current

PA40 Temporary Actions New Hire

Change Documentation

9 July 2014; Updated SAP Enterprise Structure 

28 February 2014: added PA30 Delimiting IT2012 Time Transfer Specification (SWITCH) Records

5 February 2014: updated Infotypes in Actions

12 November 2013: updated web-based training

4 September 2013: added web-based training

29 August 2013: added job aid

27 August 2013: updated role description; added job aids, reports, and work instructions