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ENN-7.01 - Portland Plant List

Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

The text of the entire document is available online in PDF format (4.79 MB). What follows is an excerpt from the Introduction.
Portland Plant List
Introduction - The Native Plants List and the Nuisance Plants List
The City of Portland's environmental protection efforts include a focus on ensuring the continued viability and diversity of indigenous plant and animal communities, promoting the use of plants naturally adapted to local conditions, and educating citizens about the region's natural heritage and the values and uses of native plants.
A healthy native plant community serves many important functions:


• Provides habitat and food for native wildlife;

• Preserves critical habitat for rare, threatened and endangered animals and plants;

• Enhances air quality by trapping airborne particulates;

• Enhances water quality by filtering sediments (and pollutants attached to sediments) from runoff before the water enters streams;

• Stabilizes streambanks and hillside slopes by dissipating erosive forces;

• Enhances local microclimate, and reduces water and energy needs;

• Provides a place for native plants to continue to exist;

• Provides scenic and recreational and educational values, which, in turn, enhance Portland's livability. Native plants are part of the region's heritage.

The Portland Plant List is comprised of two lists and supporting information: the Native Plants List and the Nuisance Plants List. Both plant lists are integral to the City of Portland's natural resource protection program and invasive species management strategy. Only those plants on the Native Plants List are allowed to be planted within the City's Environmental Overlay Zone and the Pleasant Valley Natural Resources Overlay Zone. Native plants are also encouraged to be planted in the Greenway Overlay Zone.

Document Dated March 23, 2004.
Filed for inclusion in PPD July 6, 2004.
Amended by Director of Bureau of Planning and Sustainability July 1, 2010 and filed for inclusion in PPD October 11, 2010.
Amended by Director of Bureau of Planning and Sustainability November 30, 2011 and filed for inclusion in PPD December 9, 2011.