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ADM-15.02 - City Official Reporting


Administrative Rule Adopted by the City Auditor Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



A. Purpose

To provide a process and procedure for the reporting of lobbying activities by City Officials.

B. Authority

Code Section 2.12.110 authorizes the Auditor to adopt administrative rules to administer the provisions of the Lobbying Entity Regulation program.

C. Rules


1. Reporting Requirements.


a. City Code Section 2.12.070 requires City Officials to file quarterly reports documenting:

i. Personal Benefits - Any gifts, meals or entertainment in excess of $25.00 received from a lobbying entity or authorized lobbyist; OR

ii. City Benefits: gifts of personal or real property requested from a lobbyist or lobbying entity (and agreed to) on behalf of the City.

b. City Elected Officials and City directors are required to post their calendars of activities related to official City business to the internet each calendar quarter.

c. If a City Elected Official or City Director determines that posting their calendar online poses a safety threat, he or she may file a public safety exemption declaration with the City Auditor in lieu of posting their calendar.

2. Online Reporting System.

a. The City Auditor will provide an Online Lobbying Entity Registration & Reporting System. City Officials shall use the designated online system to file quarterly reports.

b. The Online Lobbying Entity Registration & Reporting System can be accessed via the City Auditor's Office website.

c. The City Auditor's "City Official Reporting 101" information packet provides detailed instructions for accessing the online system and filing quarterly reports.

d. City Elected Officials and City Directors shall post their calendars on their official City website and forward the web address to the Auditor. The Auditor will link to their calendars from the Lobbying Entity Regulation website.

3. Filing Deadlines.


a. City Officials must file their quarterly reports by the 15th day after the end of the preceding calendar quarter. City officials, other than elected officials, are not required to file quarterly reports if they have not received any personal gifts, meals or entertainment exceeding $25.00 or if they have not requested any City gifts or donations in the calendar quarter.

b. Elected officials must always file quarterly reports.

c. A City Official may amend a quarterly report without penalty if he or she files the amended report within 25 days after the end of the calendar quarter.

d. Elected Officials and City directors must post their calendars to their Official city website by the 15th day after the end of the preceding calendar quarter. Elected Officials and City directors must also notify the Auditor of the web address for their calendar by this date.

e. Calendar Quarters, Reporting Periods and Filing Dates:



Reporting Period                                         

Report/Calendar Posting Due

Last Day to File Amended Report


January 1 to March 31

April 15

April 25


April 1 to June 30

July 15

July 25


July 1 to September 30

October 15

October 25


October 1 to December 31

January 15

January 25


f. Filing deadlines shall be 5 p.m. on the last day to file a report or post a calendar, except as provided below.

g. If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or other legal City holiday, the due date shall be the next business day at 5 p.m.

D. Definitions

1. City Official.

a. Any City elected official (Mayor, Commissioner or Auditor).

b. At will staff of a City elected official.

c. Director of individual in charge of City Bureaus listed in 2 below.

d. Appointee to the Design Commission, Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Board, Portland Development Commission or Portland Planning Commission.

2. City Director. The director or individual in charge of the following:

a. Bureau of Development Services

b. Bureau of Emergency Communications

c. Bureau of Environmental Services

d. Bureau of Emergency Communications

e. Bureau of Fire and Police Disability and Retirement

f. Portland Housing Bureau

g. Bureau of Human Resources

h. Bureau of Internal Business Services

i. Bureau of Parks & Recreation

j. Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

k. Bureau of Police

l. Bureau of Revenue

m. Bureau of Technology Services

n. Bureau of Transportation

o. Portland Water Bureau

p. City Budget Office

q. Office of Equity and Human Rights

r. Office of Government Relations

s. Office of Management & Finance

t. Office of Neighborhood Involvement

u. Portland Development Commission

v. Portland Fire & Rescue

E. References

City Code Chapter 2.12


F. Attachments

City Official Reporting 101 Information Packet




Rule adopted by City Auditor and filed in PPD June 8, 2006.

Amended rule adopted by City Auditor and filed in PPD January 12, 2007.

Amended rule adopted by City Auditor and filed in PPD January 7, 2008.

Amended rule adopted by City Auditor and filed in PPD April 29, 2014.