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20.12.040 Unlawful Acts Involving Alcohol, Controlled Substances or Prescription Drugs.

A.  No person shall sell, possess or consume any alcoholic beverage in any park, except under a concession contract or lease, or by permit issued under Chapter 20.08. Such permit may include any conditions as, in the discretionary judgment of the ParksReservationCenter, will promote the preservation of the parks for the peaceful enjoyment of the public at large.

B.  No person shall commit any of the following acts in a Park:

1.  Sell, distribute, make available or offer to provide a controlled substance or prescription drug to another;

2.  Package, possess or store a controlled substance;

3.  Transport a controlled substance or materials intended to be used in the packaging of a controlled substance;

4.  Solicit another to provide, make available, sell or distribute a controlled substance or prescription drug to any person; or

5.  With the intent to engage in any act prohibited by this Section, seek, meet, approach or encounter another.

C.  Nothing in Subsection B of this Section shall prohibit the possession in a Park of medications prescribed to the person or to a person under that person’s care, if and under such conditions as possession of such substance is otherwise lawful.

D.  For purposes of this Section, “controlled substance” shall have the meaning provided in ORS 475.005(6), and “prescription drug” shall have the meaning provided in ORS 689.005(6).